5 Steps To Getting The Attention Your Holistic Business Deserves

First published in The Wellness Room magazine Summer 2022

In the summer issue’s Business Hub, best-selling Amazon author and BBC Radio One co-host, Janey Lee Grace, shares her tips on how to promote your business

Bill Gates famously once said “If I had only one dollar left, I’d spend it on marketing.”

Many therapists don’t invest in PR or marketing because there is so often resistance, it can feel ‘too corporate’ if you don’t work from your heart. I love inspiring therapists, practitioners and coaches to see that marketing and PR need not be hard-nosed or cutthroat. I am totally immersed in the messy world of the media, but I am also firmly grounded in the conscious of the holistic world. I like trying to build a bridge for heart-centred businesses to walk across to feel confident and powerful about getting their message out there.

There is so much fear around marketing and PR. It’s true that it can have a bad rap; we tend to think of politicians and spin doctors twisting a message so that we have to believe it. But, if it’s a genuine message that’s different, and you live your life authentically, magic happens, not spin.

So here, I have listed 5 steps to getting the attention your holistic business deserves:


This means putting yourself right at the heart of what you do. So many therapists, practitioners, teachers and authors have a real passion and a real caring for those they want to help, which is good because the old adage is true: people do business with those they like, know and trust. If your ideal clients are going to like, know and trust you, they need to see you. You need to be clear on your USP – your unique selling point – so that you know exactly what makes you different from the rest.


Writing a book is a great calling card, you can also write ezines, press releases, blogs, social media posts, but establishing yourself as a credible author in your field can greatly increase visibility for your brand. It may be a short, online, self-published book, but don’t underestimate the power of being an author. When editors and producers want an expert commentator, they look to experts in the field – often starting with authors.


I’ve met many people who want to grow their businesses and are asked to speak at networking events. Often they don’t feel confident as a speaker, unsure of their voice and worried that how they look may not reflect what they’re selling. Many people are also unsure how to construct a talk or presentation but, to start, its worth going back to that original question of what is my unique selling point? Not wanting to publically speak can of of course come back to confidence. In my workshops, I encourage people to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or other simple tools. Even the humble ‘power pose’ can make all the difference.


It’s not just local or national radio, nowadays there are lots of opportunities to be interviewed and its can be a great way to market what you do. It’s really worth investing in some training and at the very least practice with a microphone. Learn to love the sound of your own voice – and don’t be camera shy, get your messages out there on social media. If you sound knowledgeable, passionate and trustworthy, being interviewed is a great way of connecting with a potential new audience.


There are lots of ways to PR your holistic business – you may want to connect with local and national press, networking groups, launch ezines, send out compelling press releases and campaigns and build a following for your website and business. Don’t forget social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, et al. For anyone who thinks Twitter is just frivolous, think again, it’s a powerful and free marketing tool.

You can save a lot of money by not needing to hire expensive PR and marketing companies. What journalists want is a Press Release, some stories they can feature, a link to images and, if you are pitching for radio, a link to hear you in action.

It’s thought that people need to see you 7 or 8 times before they are engaged, so drip feed some content across lots of different channels.

Shine your light brightly!

Janey Lee Grace is an Amazon No. 1 Bestselling author, speaker, and co-presenter on the BBC Radio. She runs the popular recommendations blog imperfectlynatural.com. Janey has written five books on holistic living including the Number One Amazon Best Seller Imperfectly Natural Woman. Her latest book Happy Healthy Sober – Ditch the booze and take control of your life and she runs the non-judgemental platform ‘The Sober Club’ and offers NLP/EFT and Matrix coaching. She also offers media / PR training and runs her annual Platinum Awards. See more at janeyleegrace.com

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