International Therapist Issue 127 (Winter 2019)

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This issue includes articles on the following:

  • Deactivating trigger points with soft tissue release, by Jane Johnson;
  • An interview with leading academic, Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown;
  • Developing the first NHS approved complementary therapy school, by Gwyn Featonby;
  • Skin peels and the importance of best practice, by Dermalogica’s Candice Gardner;
  • How massage techniques can help clients with fibromyalgia, by Jing’s Rachel Fairweather;
  • An introduction to runner’s knee and techniques that can help, by Dawn Morse; and
  • Patient-reported outcome measures relevant to therapies, by Nicola Brough and Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown.

Plus a look at the 2018 FHT Conference and Excellence Awards; an essential oil profile on cypress; the latest FHT local support group news; a day in the life of Sheree Phelps, a sports massage therapist and 2017 FHT Excellence Award winner; Maureen Bonner, MFHT, reflects on meeting a US-based oncology massage expert; the latest research; medical A-Z; an interview with Angie Buxton-King, award winning healer and founder of the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust; a preview of the 2019 FHT Training Congress; a chance to win an Absolute Aromas Aroma-Mist Diffuser and Breatheasy Essential Blend, and lots more…

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International Therapist Issue 126 (Autumn 2018)

IT Autumn 18 1 Front cover.jpg

This issue includes:

  • A look at amputation, its impact on clients, and how therapies can help;
  • An overview of the lymphatic system and its importance, by Yvette Jordan;
  • Approaches to facial touch and the science behind it, by Dr Katerina Steventon;
  • Deconstructing the concept of challenge, by Dr Phillip J de Prez;
  • Injuries in young athletes, by Dr Lance Doggart and Sarah Catlow;
  • Working in a hospice as a paid reiki practitioner, by Hilda Kalap;
  • Homemade product recipes, for a body scrub and massage oil, by Karen Gilbert;
  • Pointers for therapists working with terminally ill clients, by Jane Duncan Rogers;
  • A look at the warning signs of breast cancer and its impact.

Plus the Michael Pittilo Award-winning essay, by Benjamin Low; an essential oil profile on clary sage; the latest FHT local support group news; an insight from a therapist supporting people in her local community, by Annette Roachford, MFHT; the latest research; medical A-Z; a day in the life of Geraldine Flynn, semi-permanent make-up technician and 2013 FHT Excellence Award Winner; an interview with new FHT President, Christopher Byrne; a preview of the 2018 FHT Conference; and lots more…

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Massage therapy assists in elite para-athlete recovery

Paracycling low res.jpg

Massage therapy can improve sleep and muscle tightness to aid recovery in elite para-athletes, according to a study published in BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine (Kennedy et al, 2018).

In a mixed methods study, scientists invited nine members of Team Roger C Peace, an elite para-cycling team from South Carolina, USA, to receive one hour of massage therapy each week for four weeks, before switching to every other week until the respective athletes left the team or the two-year study ended.

Seventeen massage therapists were recruited, who on average had been practising for 14 years.

To monitor progress, the athletes agreed to complete a questionnaire before and after each massage session, with closed and open-ended questions on athlete goals, stress, sleep, muscle tightness, spasticity and pain. Additional information was collected from programme feedback and treatment notes from the massage therapists.

The results at the end of the study revealed improvements in sleep and muscle tightness from baseline, which was supported by individual testimony from the athletes describing how the massage had assisted their recovery while training.

See the full open-access study at


For full references, go to

Photo by Seth kane on Unsplash


We hope you enjoyed this article, which was first published in the Spring 2018 issue of International Therapist!

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FHT’s International Therapist magazine shortlisted for excellence award

The FHT is thrilled at today’s announcement that International Therapist has been shortlisted for the Best Association Magazine category of the Association Excellence Awards 2018.

The awards, organised by GCN Events, aim to ‘recognise and reward the hard-won achievements of UK trade bodies, professional membership organisations and associations [and] highlight excellence in how these operate and serve their members’.

Karen Young, FHT’s Editor and Communications Manager, said: ‘We’re all incredibly excited that International Therapist has been listed as a finalist in these prestigious awards. It’s a real testament to everyone involved in producing the magazine, not least our members, whose contributions and feedback helps us to shape International Therapist, ensuring it remains topical and one of the most highly respected publications for professional therapists.’

Fingers crossed for 12 October, when the winners will be announced! We’ll be sure to keep members informed.

International Therapist Issue 125 (Summer 2018)


This issue includes:

  • The physical and emotional benefits of scar massage, by Emma Holly, MFHT;
  • A new model for complementary therapy within the NHS, by Jane Sheehan, MFHT;
  • Introducing feng shui to your therapy premises, by Judith Hadley and Sara Pearson;
  • The benefits of manual therapy using the Maitland concept, by Katie Campbell;
  • A look at how the arts can tackle some of today’s healthcare priorities;
  • An introduction to walk and talk therapy, by Lara Just;
  • A look at active beauty, the use of skincare products used alongside exercise;
  • Marma massage with a self-help routine, by FHT Vice President Mary Dalgleish;
  • A first look at the 2018 FHT Conference, supporting the integrated healthcare agenda.

Plus an essential oil profile on Roman chamomile; the latest FHT local support group news; an insight into helping an anxious horse with crystal therapy, by Jackie Winters, MFHT; the latest research; medical A-Z; a day in the life of Nicky Gee, Blackpool FHT Local Support Group Coordinator, crystal therapist and reiki teacher; an interview with Gill Morris, director of commercial development at Sterex; and lots more…

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International Therapist Issue 124 (Spring 2018)

The Spring issue of International Therapist is on its way to members…

IT Spring 18 1 Front cover

This issue includes:

  • Researching reflexology for pregnancy and labour, by Dr Julie McCullough, MFHT;
  • Bite-size business advice from FHT’s Governing Council;
  • Case studies on challenging skin, by Cristina Coelho, MFHT;
  • Treating leg length discrepancies with myofascial release, by Ruth Duncan;
  • Mindfulness and therapist health and wellbeing, by Seán Collins
  • A look at the benefits of entering industry awards and some top tips;
  • Results of the 2018 FHT member Survey;
  • The benefits of laughter for good health and wellbeing, by Lotte Mikkelsen;
  • An introduction to snapping hip syndrome and techniques to help, by Dawn Morse.

Plus an essential oil profile on German chamomile; the latest FHT local support group news; an insight into an Everest trek, by FHT Vice President Maria Mason; everything you need to know about the 2018 FHT Training Congress and Holistic Health Show; the latest research; medical A-Z; a day in the life of Ingvild Skodvin Prestegård, a holistic therapist and yoga teacher, and lots more…

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How do we maintain professional boundaries when clients become emotional after treatments?

In the first of a new series of videos offering business advice for therapists, FHT Vice President, Maria Mason, talks about why it is important to maintain professional boundaries if clients become emotional after treatments.

Look out for more business advice from Maria in the Spring issue of International Therapist, published from Thursday 26 April 2018.