Radio interview – Jennifer Young and Dr Michael Dixon featured on Yes To Life Show

UK Health Radio

As the headline sponsor of Chamberlain Dunn’s Complementary Therapy Awards, the FHT has been invited to put forward industry experts to promote the health benefits of complementary therapy on UK Health Radio.

This Sunday, tune in and hear FHT accredited course provider, Jennifer Young, being interviewed by Robin Daly on UK Health Radio’s ‘Yes To Life Show’. Founder of Beauty Despite Cancer, Jennifer talks to Robin about developing a range of natural skincare products for people affected by cancer, setting up an appearance and wellbeing clinic based in a major London hospital, and developing specialist training for therapists.

As part of the same show, Robin also talks to Dr Michael Dixon, GP and Chair of the College of Medicine, who is a strong advocate of preventative medicine, healthy living and integrated health care. Among other topics, they discuss Dr Dixon’s unique practice in Devon, social prescribing, and why complementary therapies are important to the health service. As Dr Dixon tells Robin in the interview, ‘In the future, as we start to expand our view of what local health involves and who needs to be included in that, I think complementary medicine will become a major influence – not only in terms of individual treatment, but also in terms of improving local health within our communities’.

The interview will be aired at 2am on Sunday 15 July on UK Health Radio – but don’t worry if you’ll be tucked up in bed! The interview will be repeated throughout the week at different times each day and then made available on demand, on Robin Daly’s webpage

Enjoy listening and please share this news item with others who support integrated healthcare!

Hear more from Jennifer and Dr Dixon at FHT’s Annual Conference in November

We’re delighted to announce that Jennifer and Dr Dixon will also be speaking at our FHT Conference: Supporting the Integrated Healthcare Agenda at The King’s Fund, London, this November. More details will be announced soon in International Therapist and on our website and blog, so watch this space…

Herbalist garden wins silver at Hampton Court Flower show

A garden that promotes the role of plants and herbs in health has won a silver medal at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Checkov's garden_low res

Anton Chekhov’s Garden, designed by Anna Benn and Hannah Gardner, is based on the country estate near Moscow, where Chekhov, one of Russia’s most notable writers, wrote his famous play The Seagull.

Chekhov, who lived from 1860-1904, was also a doctor and herbalism is said to play a very strong part in Russian medicine and culture. This is illustrated in the garden’s use of many medicinal plants, such as Calendula officinalis, Menthe piperata and Inula helenium.

The garden is sponsored by the Anton Chekhov Foundation, promoting his legacy, and made in association with the College of Medicine, who supported the garden due to its link with arts in health and the benefits of plants and herbs, the topics of two recent conferences held by the College.

Read more about Anton Chekhov’s Garden

Reflexology is the most popular complementary therapy survey finds

Reflexology survey.jpg

A survey conducted by the FHT has found that reflexology is the most popular complementary therapy demanded by clients, with body massage in second and aromatherapy in third. In our annual member survey, we asked members to rank their treatments in order of popularity, with 53% of therapists listing reflexology in first place, and 52% and 36% ranking body massage and aromatherapy respectively in the top three.

Action for Happiness jump back this July


This month Action for Happiness urges us to take a step back by learning how to be resilient and cope with life’s ups and downs.

The movement publishes monthly calendars, offering daily affirmations on the theme of the respective month. ‘Jump Back July’ follows ‘Joyful June’, ‘Meaningful May’, ‘Active April’, ‘Mindful March’, ‘Friendly February’ and ‘Happy January.’

Suggestions for this month include the following:

  • Make a list of the things you’re looking forward to
  • Get the basics right – eat well, exercise and go to bed on time
  • Write worries down and save them for a specific ‘worry time’
  • And remember we all struggle at times – it’s part of being human

Download the calendar


NHS celebrates 70th birthday


On 5 July 1948 Aneurin Bevan, UK Health Secretary of the post-War Labour government, launched the National Health Service (NHS). He saw his vision realised, to have an overarching healthcare system that linked hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists, and was free for all at the point of delivery.

Today the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday, delivering lifesaving work since 1948.

Treating 1.4 million people every day, the NHS has countless success stories over the years, including discovering the link between smoking and cancer; introducing mass vaccinations for polio and other life-threatening diseases; reducing infant mortality dramatically; performing the first successful hip replacement and IVF procedures; setting up screening programmes for breast and cervical cancer; and more recently introducing a revolutionary robotic arm at St Mary’s Hospital in London for patients with fast or irregular heartbeats.

The NHS is asking the public to join in with the NHS70 celebrations, ‘talk about the wide array of opportunities being created by advances in science, technology and information’ and to thank the NHS staff, ‘the everyday heroes – who are always there to greet, advise and care for us.’

Find out more about NHS70