Dr Chatterjee looks at foot health in new podcast

Dr Chatterjee1.jpgIn this latest instalment of his Feel Better, Live More podcast series, GP, Author and TV presenter, Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks to Nick and Mike from The Foot Collective, a group of Canadian physical therapists on a mission to help people reclaim strong, functional and pain-free feet through foot health education.

Dr Chatterjee says that Nick and Mike ‘believe that there are many ailments that many of us just write off as something that we just have, or that we’ve inherited, yet in actual fact, there may be something we can do to improve these conditions. The truth is, that while we might have a genetic susceptibility, our environment and our lifestyles also determine what happens to our bodies.’


Rangan talks about how he looked at his feet to address a problem and asks whether genetics play a part in foot problems? Other highlights include a discussion on the difference between movement and exercise, addressing sedentary behaviour in children, improving hip function easily at home and tips and exercises to have healthy mobility in the future.

Listen to the podcast

Read an interview with Dr Chatterjee in the Winter 2018 issue of International Therapist

Hypnotherapy highlighted by Metro


Daily newspaper, Metro, highlights the use of hypnotherapy for fertility and the Accredited Register in a recent article on its website.

The article discusses whether hypnosis improves the odds of conception, saying that ‘research has shown that hypnotherapy tends to work for around 72% of people in relation to fertility’.

Furthermore, a fertility expert quoted in the article says that they recommend hypnotherapy to clients because of ‘it’s ability to change our outlook’, which in turn ‘releases brain chemicals that support fertility and our nervous system to operate from feed or breed (rather than fight or flight, which is a response to danger)’.

The article quite rightly highlights the importance of finding a suitably qualified hypnotherapist and suggests that readers search for a practitioner through an Accredited Register,  approved by the Professional Standards Authority, such as FHT’s Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register.

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FHT members’ therapies promoted in Natural Health

201812_NaturalHealth_December 1 copy.jpg

We are delighted to have contributed two articles to Natural Health magazine’s December issue, to promote FHT members and the therapies they practice.

In a two-page feature, FHT Vice President Maria Mason offers readers 6 ways to thrive this winter—therapies that will help to melt away troubles and warm your body from head to toe. Maria’s winter warming therapies are hot stone massage, lava shell massage, shirodhara, candle massage, warm bamboo massage and Thai herbal compress massage.

We also offer DIY ways to stay warm this winter and direct readers to the FHT website to find a suitably qualified therapist.

Our second contribution looks at the health benefits of pine, in Natural Health’s regular plant profile.


Announcing the 2018 FHT Excellence Award winners

Awards group shot - edited low_res

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists at yesterday’s 2018 FHT Excellence Awards!

Held at The King’s Fund, London, on 29 November, the awards followed the FHT Conference, where leading experts in research, education and health and social care discussed the integration of complementary therapies into mainstream care.


Conference and awards host, Janey Lee Grace—a regular presenter on Radio 2 and UK Health Radio—announced the winners of the 2018 FHT Excellence Awards, which serve to recognise those raising the bar in therapy training and practice.

2018 FHT Excellence Awards winners

Awards Comp Therapist Winner Jane Sheehan PR.jpg

Complementary Therapist of the Year
Winner: Jane Sheehan
For developing a new delivery model for a complementary therapy service within an NHS palliative care unit.

Highly Commended: Kelly De Souza, Marc Johnson, Julie McCullough

Finalists: Robert Sylvester Coleman, Julie Crossman, Jackie Grimley, Nicolle Mitchell
Awards Sports Therapist of the Year - Nefeli Tsiouti

Sports Therapist of the Year
Winner: Nefeli Tsiouti
For her work in helping to improve health and reduce injuries in dancers, professional artists and other movers.

Finalists: Sheree Phelps, Sophie Vowden

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Awards LSG Coordinator winner Alison Brown PR.jpg

FHT Local Support Group Coordinator or the Year
Winner: Alison Brown
For sharing the content of her group meetings via a number of online platforms for therapists unable to attend in person.

Finalist: Kim Newman-Clark

Awards Student of the Year winner Brian Jauncey PR.jpg

FHT Student of the Year
Winner: Brian Jauncey
For his inspirational story of retraining as a complementary therapist following his first-hand experience of using therapies for a back injury.

Finalist: Teresa Elliott

Gwyn Featonby PR.jpg

FHT Tutor of the Year
Winner: Gwyn Featonby
For her work in developing the first NHS approved therapy training school and a unique NHS Certificate in Complementary Therapies.

Highly Commended: Dawn Morse

Finalists: Maureen Bonner, Sharon Mountford, Jane Sheehan


FHT Conference supports integrated healthcare

At yesterday’s FHT Conference we were delighted to bring together leading experts in research, education and health and social care, to discuss the integration of complementary therapies into mainstream care.


Held at The King’s Fund, London, on 29 November, the conference got under way with two presentations that focused on research. Professor Nicola Robinson discussed some key issues surrounding the collection and use of evidence base for therapies such as acupuncture, while Dr Julie McCullough highlighted the positive findings of a trial that looked at the impact of antenatal reflexology on women with pregnancy-related low back and/or pelvic girdle pain.


The talks generated interesting discussions on the merits of qualitative and quantitative research and what therapists new to research could do to prove the efficacy of their therapies. Look out for an article by Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown and Nicola Brough, on two different patient-reported outcome measures that are suitable for complementary therapies and integrated care, in the Winter 2019 issue of International Therapist, published in January.


Delegates also enjoyed listening to presentations from two of the most influential GPs in health care and trailblazers in social prescription—Sir Sam Everington and Dr Michael Dixon. Sir Everington left delegates captivated with an insight into Bromley By Bow Centre, a practice that has transformed health care in one of the most diverse and economically deprived areas in London, through community-based integrated services and referrals. Sir Everington told us that the philosophy at Bromley By Bow is ‘it’s not what’s the matter with the patient, it’s what matters to the patient’.


Dr Michael Dixon looked at the potential of social prescribing and personal health budgets, giving us an overview of the Culm Valley Integrated Centre For Health in Devon. Like Bromley By Bow, Dr Dixon’s practice champions social prescribing and community health, through integrated care but serves a very different local community. Dr Dixon told us that if patient-centred community care can work in both Bromley and the Culm Valley, it can be implemented anywhere in the UK. Discussions afterwards centred on how therapists could convince the NHS to work with them in their local communities. Both GPs said it is important to ‘win over the hearts’ of medical professionals and although this can take time, it is important to persist.

FHT2018-165 Anita

Talks by Anita Mehrez, MFHT, a member of the complementary health and wellbeing team at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, and Jennifer Young, MFHT, founder of Beauty Despite Cancer, offered delegates an insight into how  therapies have been successfully integrated into the NHS, working alongside conventional medical care to support those impacted by cancer. Jennifer found the NHS in her area very open to working with her and was even approached by her local hospital to set up an appearance and wellbeing clinic within a specialist cancer centre.

The day’s programme was then rounded off by conference host, Janey Lee Grace—a regular presenter on Radio 2 and UK Health Radio—announcing the winners of the 2018 FHT Excellence Awards, which serve to recognise those raising the bar in therapy training and practice.

FHT2018-033 - Chris.jpg

President of the FHT, Chris Byrne, says: ‘Everyone at the FHT is extremely proud of this event, not least because of the incredible speakers who took time out of their very busy schedules to share with us their vision of what truly integrated healthcare looks like. I personally came away inspired to think of new ways we can all work together to ensure even more people get access to the best of both conventional  and complementary care, which in turn will help to relieve some of the burden currently being placed on our healthcare system.’

FHT2018-408 - Jacky Huson.jpg

FHT member, Jacky Huson called the Conference ‘A fantastic and inspiring day’ and says ‘it was very affirming to hear speakers in the biomedical field being so supportive and proactive in integrating complementary therapies into their practice and promoting social prescription. At last a sensible way forward giving choice and responsibility to patients, with a real role for therapists.’

Helen Robinson, MFHT, says ‘Thank you for an absolutely excellent day, all the speakers were absolutely superb. I’ve come away buzzing with all the potential. Thank you so much….I’m very proud to be an FHT member.’