We’re warming up for Therapy Expo!

Next month is the big finale for our 2017 events. 17 November sees us glamming it up at the FHT Excellence Awards at Leamington Spa’s Royal Pump Rooms, and immediately after that is our exhibition at Therapy Expo!


Therapy Expo, which takes place at the NEC Birmingham on 22-23 November, promises to provide even more tools for therapy professional’s whose workloads and responsibilities continue to increase as they move further and further into front line positions, to support other healthcare professionals experiencing unprecedented pressure from all sides.

Attendees will be kept up-to-speed on the latest treatment techniques, clinic studies and will be able to tailor individual training paths from a comprehensive, cross specialty speaker line-up and hands-on skills training programmes covering sports injuries & biomechanics, neuro rehabilitation musculoskeletal and business.

The world class programme boasts over 50 hours of accredited CPD education which will allow attendees to secure the bulk of their annual CPD requirements in one go whilst catching up with peers and sharing best practice. Your conference pass will also gain you entry to the RockTape UK Movement Summit and the STA Annual Conference.

While the FHT Excellence Awards are sold out, you can still get tickets to Therapy Expo. Just follow this link to secure your place at our final event for 2017!

‘Tis the season

'Tis the season

The FHT has produced the above social media advert for you to promote your therapy practice this Christmas. Simply post it on your social media platforms, along with your contact details. Adverts can also be printed at postcard size – just click to full size, then print.

Looking for other social media adverts to promote your therapies? Leave your suggestions below.

International Therapist Autumn 2017, Issue 122

The Autumn issue of International Therapist is on its way to members…

122 Autumn 2017

This issue includes articles by:

  • Evan Osar – assessing the psoas muscle;
  • Penny Price – essential oils and skin conditions;
  • Mary Dalgleish – an introduction to Ayurvedic foot massage;
  • Stella Compton-Dickinson – seven ways music can improve wellbeing;
  • Wendy Atkinson – kinesiology taping for a client in myofascial pain;
  • Emma Hague – common reasons why therapists undercharge;
  • Carol Samuel – stress, pain and reflexology;
  • Emily Williams – sustainability in healthcare.

Plus we look at key factors to consider for members interested in becoming a therapy trainer; interview with Dr Katerina Steventon; updates from our FHT local support groups; a day in the life of Victoria Jackson, a multi-disciplined therapist who treats humans and horses; members’ news, looking at FHT members and accredited course providers who competed at this year’s World Championship in Massage; essential oil profile; education matters; research; medical A-Z; news updates; your views; tell me about and lots more…

Don’t miss the opportunity to win a Physique Massage Starter Kit, worth more than £75, in the members’ competition and a £20 Amazon gift card and a copy of Moving Stretch – Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body, by Suzanne Wylde in the FHT spiral no. 24.

Landing from Thursday 19 October. You can also login to read this issue (from Thursday 19 October) and past issues online at fht.org.uk/membersarea

Smoking cessation in the UK at highest rate in 10 years


One in five attempts to quit smoking are now successful, according to recent research from University College London, funded by Cancer Research UK.

The research revealed a 19.8% success rate for those who attempted to quit smoking in the first half of 2017, showing a significant improvement from an average of 15.7% over the past 10 years.

Cancer Research UK’s tobacco policy manager, George Butterworth, welcomed the above findings, attributing some of this success to the rise in popularity of vaping.

He said, ‘It’s great news that quitting success rates are higher than ever, but smoking is still the biggest preventable cause of cancer so more needs to be done to help smokers to give up.

‘Research has shown that e-cigarettes are the most popular way to quit and the evidence so far tells us they’re much safer than smoking, and are helping many people to beat their addiction.’

Public Health England has this month launched Stoptober, a campaign dedicated to helping people stop smoking by highlighting the range of options and support available. E-cigarettes are just one of these options recommended by Public Health England to help smokers take the right steps to improve their health.





Fun and Flair at Olympia Beauty

We had an amazing time at Olympia Beauty this year, and want to thank everyone that came out to visit our stand, as well as welcome our new members that joined during the show!

There was so much to do and see at the show, including:

  • Salon & Spa Owners’ Club and Restaurant
  • The New Generation Beauty Influencer Awards 2017
  • Brush Wars Competition & Awards
  • The Lash Games Competition & Awards
  • Holistic Business Awards
  • Nailing Mental Health
  • The Nutrition & Wellbeing live stages
  • Nailympia London & Awards

It was also a great pleasure to sponsor the Nutrition & Wellbeing live stages, which featured a wide range of talks and demonstrations.


Keep up-to-date with our upcoming events to find out what’s next!

Frequent sauna bathing keeps blood pressure in check


Frequent sauna bathing reduces the risk of elevated blood pressure, according to an extensive follow-up population-based study carried out at the University of Eastern Finland. The risk of developing elevated blood pressure was nearly 50% lower among men who went to a sauna four to seven times a week, compared to men who used a sauna only once a week. These findings were published recently in the American Journal of Hypertension.

The same researchers have previously shown that frequent sauna bathing reduces the risk of sudden cardiac death, and cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Elevated blood pressure is documented to be one of the most important risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. According to the research group, underlying protective mechanisms may include the beneficial effects of regular sauna bathing on blood pressure.

The Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study (KIHD) involved 1,621 middle-aged men living in the eastern part of Finland. Study participants with elevated blood pressure of over 140/90 mmHg or with diagnosed hypertension at the study baseline were included in this long-term follow-up study. Based on their sauna bathing habits, men were divided into three sauna frequency groups: those using a sauna once a week, two to three times a week, or four to seven times a week. During an average follow-up of 22 years, 15.5% of the men developed clinically defined hypertension. The risk of hypertension was 24% decreased among men with a sauna frequency of two to three times a week, and 46% lowered among men who used a sauna four to seven times a week.

Sauna bathing may decrease systemic blood pressure through different biological mechanisms. During sauna bathing, the body temperature may rise up to 2 °C degrees, causing vessels vasodilation. Regular sauna bathing improves endothelial function, i.e. the function of the inside layer of blood vessels, which has beneficial effects on systemic blood pressure. Sweating, in turn, removes fluid from the body, which is a contributing factor to decreased blood pressure levels. Additionally, sauna bathing may also lower systemic blood pressure due to overall relaxation of the body and mind.

A recent analysis of the same study also revealed that those using a sauna frequently have a lower risk of pulmonary diseases.

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