Congratulations to our 2020 FHT Tutor of the Year… Jennifer Young, MFHT

When coronavirus reached UK shores, Jennifer drew on her expertise as a former inspector for HSE, international consultant, specialist skincare product developer and accredited training provider to create an online course to support professional therapists through the pandemic. As well as helping them to understand the nature of the virus, her user-friendly course walked therapists through how to create a risk matrix and prioritise appropriate actions when resuming practice. In Jennifer’s own words, her aim was ‘to help therapists return to work with a spring in their step rather than fear in their hearts’. Since it was launched, Jennifer’s fully certified course, Control of Cross Infection in a Post-Covid World – Professional Standards of Hygiene, has been accessed by more than 5,400 therapists, completely free of charge, as she felt free access was the right thing to do in these ‘turbulent and trying times’.  

And many congratulations to our finalists for this award, Caroline Bradley, Marie Duggan and Dawn Morse. 

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Congratulations to our 2020 FHT Student of the Year… Anya Rae, MFHT

At the time of her award nomination, Anya was studying for a HNC in complementary therapies. Her background was in sports and leisure management but when her son had to leave mainstream school due to autism and challenging behaviour, as a single parent she had to step back from her career and find a job to fit around his needs. Initially she started a dog walking business but when her son reached 18, Anya decided to retrain as a therapist, knowing first-hand how complementary therapies had helped her to manage ankylosing spondylitis, a condition that is part of the rheumatoid arthritis family. Anya found going back into education daunting, not least because she also discovered she had dyslexia, dyscalculia and other traits of ADHD. But with incredible support from Ayrshire College, Anya has now progressed onto a HND and aspires to open a multi-disciplined healing centre.  

And many congratulations to our finalist for this award, Tina Wilkinson. 

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Congratulations to our 2020 FHT Local Coordinator of the Year… Tim Djossou, MFHT

Tim created the South Manchester local group in 2017 and has modestly excelled in his role ever since. Each year, he organises a calendar of events with a wide variety of topics to support his local therapist community. Some of the subjects previously covered at Tim’s group meetings include sports injuries, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine and crystal therapy – clearly showing his dedication to educate and support therapists, whatever their specialism or area of interest. During lockdown, he organised a series of virtual meetings with a special focus on topics that would help members, and non-members, during the difficult period. He put together a very successful three-part series on mental health and nutrition, which was very well attended and allowed group members the chance to explore and understand the connection. For many, Tim’s sessions are something inclusive to look forward to at a time when keeping in touch has been so important.   

And many congratulations to our finalist for this award, Jackie Hamilton

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Congratulations to our 2020 FHT Sports Therapist of the Year… John Molyneux, MFHT!

John treats clients of all ages and abilities but over the past few years, he has turned his attention to the more mature client, as he feels that the older generation are often overlooked by the health and fitness industry. This led him to write his first book, A Better You in Later Life, shortly after which he launched, a free subscription website for the over 65s to encourage older people to sit less and move more and literally exercise their way out of the GP waiting room. As interest and momentum grew, so did John’s business – within a year, he had built a website with over 500 subscribers, published three books, and gone from 0 to 11,000+ followers on Facebook. During both lockdowns, John became a beacon of positivity, supporting isolated clients with fortnightly calls and online sessions so they could continue to exercise and stay healthy.  

And many congratulations to our finalist for this award, Leigh Edwards. 

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Congratulations to our 2020 FHT Beauty Therapist of the Year… Stephanie Chaytor, MFHT

Stephanie is the owner of Karma Beauty, a holistic beauty salon based on Mersea Island, just off the coast of Essex, where she employs six other therapists. After initially qualifying in 2012, Stephanie started her career as a mobile beautician but with an ever-growing client base, decided to take the plunge in the summer of 2015 and open her own salon, at just 19 years of age. Since then, Karma Beauty has moved to bigger premises on two occasions, and currently boasts four treatment rooms, four pedicure stations and four nail desks, receiving the 2018 Best Holistic Beauty Salon in Essex award as part of the Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards. Throughout COVID-19, she has supported her clients via social media, while the team wait to treat them again in person. She has also enhanced her business through a second initiative, Karma Boutique, which sells clothing and household accessories online.  

And many congratulations to our finalist for this award, Geraldine Flynn. 

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Congratulations to our 2020 FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year… Mary Atkinson, FFHT

In 2013, Mary co-founded the Story Massage Programme, which is based on ten massage strokes used to illustrate the words of a story. As we entered the first lockdown, Mary immediately looked to find a way to continue sharing this simple form of nurturing touch with as many people as possible. She produced a free booklet of 36 new massage stories and was overwhelmed by the initial response from over 2,000 people in schools, family homes and community groups. A teacher then approached her about starting live Facebook, Instagram and You Tube sessions, and so Mary and her trusty teddy, Emmanuel, took to the screen on a regular basis, to share different follow-along massage stories. For many, and especially those with children with profound and multiple learning difficulties, her live sessions provided a focus for the week, bringing them connection, fun and relaxation in an uncertain world. 

And many congratulations to our finalists for this award, Malminder Gill, Sal Hanvey, Andrea Lambell, Joy Shaw and Alexandra Skanderowicz. 

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Good luck wishes to our 2020 FHT Excellence Award finalists…

From today, we are dedicating a full week to celebrating our 2020 FHT Excellence Awards online, with this year’s winners being announced on our social media channels from Tuesday through to Friday (@fht_org on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and @internationaltherapistmag on Instagram). To see a brief 2020 FHT Excellence Awards programme, please read this blog item.  

To get events underway, today we’d like to share with you a short video compilation from some of our 2019 FHT Excellence Award winners.

Tune in tomorrow morning at 10am, when we’ll start announcing our 2020 FHT Excellence Award winners, starting with the Complementary Therapist of the Year category. Good luck, everyone! 

Get Back To Business! (10 Top Tips To Get You Springing Back Into Business Action Post Lockdown) with Nikki Collinson-Phenix

FHT is delighted to support the Virtual Hair & Beauty Show, taking place from Saturday 7 November to Saturday 21 November. In addition to exhibiting at this virtual show, we are proud to support a webinar from Nikki Collinson-Phenix.

Nikki said, ‘Let’s be honest, it really has been a crazy year and everyone has been affected in some way, but now it’s time to start looking forward, getting your business mojo back and getting back to business.

‘In this training I share 10 important and valuable steps that you should be focusing on to ensure you are truly springing you and your business forward, ready to rock out an epic 2021, positively impact more people in the world and reap the financial rewards in the process. You’ve got this!’

Watch to Nikki’s seminar as part of the Virtual Hair and Beauty Show.

Nikki Collinson-Phenix, better known as The Therapists Coach is an inspiring chiropractor, therapist, business coach and speaker on a mission to help incredible health and wellness professionals around the world, launch, grow or nurture business that fulfill their passion to serve, make an impact in the world whilst authentically earning an income they deserve and running this alongside a life filled with dreams and aspirations. 

Valuing real bodies: the good therapist’s special skill with Emi Howe

FHT is delighted to support the Virtual Hair & Beauty Show, taking place from Saturday 7 November to Saturday 21 November. In addition to exhibiting at this virtual show, we are proud to support a webinar from Emi Howe at BodEquality.

Emi writes, ‘As a therapist you have probably experienced first-hand the negative relationship that your clients often have with their bodies. Have you ever thought about how, in your role as a therapist, you can promote a better body outlook?

‘Watch my seminar to gain an insight in to body image, challenge how you view your body, the importance of body diversity and why this topic is so relevant to your work.’

Tune in to Emi’s seminar as part of the Virtual Hair and Beauty Show and be inspired by how her cancer survival helped her to discover a new found respect for her body, something which we can all learn from.

Emi is a holistic therapist with over 10,000 hours service, a Sociologist and cancer survivor. She works now as a real bodies advocate. Her BodEquality training programme was compiled to encourage real body thinking and to help us to value ourselves more.

Emi is a member of The Speakers Collective and is proudly speaking for TEDx Northwich in 2021.

Purchase a recording of Your Life & Cancer 2020

Wellness experts came together this October to discuss ways to optimise health and wellbeing by combining lifestyle, complementary and conventional medicine. The Your Life & Cancer event was held virtually across two weekends with hundreds of delegates in attendance.

Organisers are now offering those who didn’t have a chance to attend the live event, an opportunity to purchase the recordings at a discounted rate. Use the discount code YLC1520DC and receive a 15% discount off the cost of the recordings.

Click here to take advantage of this offer and select ‘Purchase the Recordings’ to complete a form and make payment. There is the option to enter the Discount Code in a box on the first page of the form.

The recordings are available to view for 6 months up to 30 April 2021.