FHT Ambassador gives a talk to staff at a cancer charity


FHT ambassador Vanessa Franklin was invited to talk to staff at the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity in November.

The workshop was to share best practice, ideas and new protocols in the industry. Some of the topics included how to create a suitable treatment environment, as well as how to maintain hygiene standards and safe working practice.

The group also discussed mental resilience and the importance of having a support network for the therapists.

Vanessa said: ‘At the end of the day we had a speaker from an earlier session conduct a role-play session, which explored the varied family dynamics of someone living with cancer. This activity highlighted where therapists might need guidance or might need to signpost to other experts.

‘Within our own breakout session we then followed on with how a therapist could offer support and how to refer clients to other professionals.

‘I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity for the amazing work they do for those living with cancer and their families.’

Do you know who your local FHT Ambassador is? Find out at fht.org.uk/ambassador

‘Do what makes you happy’ – the lady who quit her job and started a llama farm


Happiness is a feeling we all strive to achieve, whether it’s through embracing the small pleasures in life or focusing on a bigger goal.

NHS programme director, Celia Gaze, found her happiness in one long necked animal with a tendency to spit. Celia was feeling particularly stressed at work and after being signed off with burnout, she reconsidered her options and decided to quit her job in the pursuit of happiness.

Celia identified that the cause of her stress was the pressure she was putting on herself to succeed. She knew she wanted to set up her own business and decided to research ideas that would be as stress-free as possible, which was when she came across the idea of setting up a llama farm.

She said: ‘Live your life now, go. What have you got to lose? Make 2020 the year you changed your life.’

There has been an abundance of research on the things that make us happy, from being kind to having direction in our lives. Read more tips for achieving a happy life at actionforhappiness.org.

Watch a video about Celia at facebook.com/watch/?v=702743113588614

FHT contributes to the January issue of Natural Health magazine

Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 11.41.52

We are delighted to have contributed an article to Natural Health magazine’s January issue, to promote the FHT, our members and the therapies they practice.

In the article, we look at the health benefits of Geranium, examining how ancient civilisations regarded the shrub as a powerful healer, using it to treat conditions such as diarrhoea, haemorrhoids and dysentery. The essential oil is thought to be useful for stress and feelings of frustration and anger.

In addition, we include an important safety note, that essential oils should not be ingested or applied to the skin undiluted.

Read the full article here.

Dr Chatterjee interviews a man who turned his life around through willpower and determination

dr chatterjee

A recent podcast, Dr Chatterjee speaks to endurance athlete and author John McAvoy about how he turned his life around with determination and willpower.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee is a GP, TV presenter and best-selling author of The Stress Solution and Feel Better in 5, who kindly contributed an article to International Therapist (IT) magazine in 2018 about lifestyle medicine. He also produces Feel Better, Live More, the number one health podcast in the UK.

In this powerful podcast, Dr Chatterjee has a conversation with John McAvoy who has served ten years in some of the UK’s highest security prisons. John now holds world records in rowing and is an Ironman triathlete.

In the podcast, John explains that he first started rowing in prison and at the time wasn’t aware of current world record times, he highlights how this might have been one of the reasons he did so well. Dr Chatterjee then says: ‘If you start with a blank canvas, you just do the best you can do. I think that is so empowering.’

Listen to episode 91 of Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More podcast


Study finds a compound found in turmeric could prevent the development of tumours


Curcumin, a component in turmeric could be an effective drug for cancer therapy, according to a new study in the Nutrients journal.

The evidence suggests that the component could help reduce the inflammatory pathways that play a role in cancer development.

Researchers looked at 12,595 studies on Curcumin dating back to 1924 and found that 37% of the papers listed cancer as the major targeted disease.

Though these papers findings look positive for supporting the treatment of cancer, no major study has been carried out on humans using Curcumin.

Scientists hope this most recent study could trigger a large study on humans.

Research: mdpi.com/2072-6643/11/10/2376/htm

A family occupation: why winner of FHT Student Therapist of the Year is so passionate about holistic therapy


Elle Bussey won Student Therapist of the Year at the 2019 FHT Excellence Awards on the 29 of November.

Holistic therapy has been a big part of Elle’s upbringing, with her mother and grandfather both having had practiced in the field. Elle first began learning about herbs and essential oils but found that she was being increasingly drawn to reflexology so decided to turn her attention to reflexology. She has recently qualified with a reflexology diploma from her local college.

Her biggest challenge while studying was anatomy and physiology (A&P) and she struggled to find a map with the anatomy illustrated accurately on both feet, along with corresponding chakra colours.

This prompted Elle to create her own foot chart using oils on canvas. She found it enhanced her learning of A&P and improved her flow of treatments as she found it easier to visualise each body area on the feet more clearly as she worked.

Reflexologists can now purchase Elle’s chart online to use as a resource for their practise. Visit sites.google.com/view/healingtouchreflexology/shop-gift-vouchers to buy Elle’s print.

A full breakdown of each of our 2019 FHT Excellence Award winners can be found in the Winter issue of International Therapist magazine, due out on Thursday 23 January.

FHT Sports Therapist of the Year, Rebecca Ayres, celebrated in local paper


The Leicester Mercury has featured a story about sports therapist, Rebecca Ayres, being named FHT Sports Therapist of the Year at the 2019 FHT Excellence Awards on the 29 November.

Rebecca was recognised for her background in ScarWork, a form of massage which is said improve the health and feel of scars. Rebecca trained in ScarWork in 2018, which led her to support athletes for the Invictus games at training camps in Loughborough, Sheffield and Nuffield as part of a project organised by Emma Holly, MFHT.

Rebecca said, ‘It is an overwhelming honour to receive the 2019 FHT Sports Therapist of the Year award, as well as being a finalist in the Complementary Therapist of the Year category. To be recognised for my holistic approach to chronic pain and scar rehabilitation is a privilege.’

A summary about each of our 2019 FHT Excellence Award winners can be found in the Winter issue of International Therapist magazine, which is due to be published on Thursday 23 January.

Read the full article as published in the Leicester Mercury here.