Knowledge is great, but it’s of no use if you can’t put it into practice

Dr Apte - web picture black and white circleThis week we speak to Dr Deepa Apte, a medical doctor, Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher. Dr Apte will be speaking about diagnostic techniques in Ayurveda at the 2019 FHT Training Congress.

Tell us a bit of background about yourself…

I come from a family and background in India where Ayurveda has been followed as a tradition in the family. Be it the festivals or various ceremonies that take place at home for example weddings etc, they were all followed according to Ayurvedic principles. Therefore, I was introduced to this great science as a child. Growing up, I studied general medicine to become a medical doctor. After I completed my medical studies, I went back to studying Ayurveda as it was the one science that intrigued me the most because it’s not just a science or philosophy, it’s a way of life, aiming towards true health, balance and harmony.

Give us an insight in to your normal day-to-day schedule…

My typical working day is quite varied. I work both on weekdays and weekends and hence each week or day could be very different. As well as working as a doctor and therapist at my ayurvedic health spa in London, I am the director and founder of a company, Ayurveda Pura Ltd, that manufactures ayurvedic products, from herbal teas to massage oils and spa supplies. I also run an academy that trains ayurvedic practitioners and yoga teachers. Plus, I do a fair bit of travelling round the globe, giving lectures and seminars.


What interests you outside of work?

I love creativity. Outside of my work, I spend time painting, drawing and any kind of handicraft or creative work. It’s not about just the relaxation part of the hobby, but also to make it useful for the people out there who need help the most. Hence, I sell my artwork and money raised is put towards charitable organisations so that the money can be put to good use.

I also love meeting people and networking. Especially those who inspire me to be able to do my kind of work in a better way.

What is your Training Congress seminar about?

Diagnostic techniques in Ayurveda to help support your practice. Ayurveda has various diagnostic techniques to understand what is happening in the body and mind. Join me to explore the most essential diagnostic techniques used in Ayurveda, like Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis, Ayurvedic facial diagnosis and how you can integrate them into your practice and clinic.


What is it about your topic that appeals to you and why is it useful for therapists?

Diagnosis, especially precise diagnosis, is key to the success of any therapy or management. Without correct diagnosis and conclusion, one cannot apply the right tools of management. And this is the whole focus of this workshop. Correct diagnosis also gives the therapist complete confidence to apply their principle of practice precisely and hence the result is positive.

What will attendees of your seminar expect to come away with?

They will understand various tools of diagnosis, become aware of them and how they are able to put it into practice. The aim of this workshop is also to point out that diagnosis is easy if the right techniques are applied. And most importantly, the therapists will be able to take away all the information and avenues of various ways of diagnosis and its practice.

Are there any other seminars in the programme which look particularly interesting to you?

I am quite interested in Dr Toh Wong’s seminar. I know him personally and his talks are always very inspiring.


What would be your one piece of advice for therapists wanting to grow and develop their therapy practice?

In Ayurveda there is a saying, knowledge is great, eternal and bliss, but it’s of no use if you cannot put it into practice. Likewise, make sure that your therapies are practical, easy to follow and effective.

Communication is also key. In today’s world of digital marketing, it’s important to become abreast with the latest tools and to network and meet more likeminded people.

Learn more

Join us at the 2019 FHT Training Congress from Sunday 19 to Monday 20 May at the Holistic Health Show, NEC Birmingham.

For more details about the talks and to book, visit


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