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The FHT blog brings you the latest therapy news, health information and business resources. Here are some top posts that readers have enjoyed in recent months:

Top blog

Purr away the blues
Research commissioned by Cats Protection shows that sharing a home with a cat can help people of all ages cope with the demands of everyday life.

Mindfulness in the treatment of depression
A randomised controlled trial has been published in The Lancet, supporting the use of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in the treatment of depression.

Massage and FHT’s Accredited Register promoted in Arthritis Digest
Read a massage article published in Arthritis Digest magazine, in which readers are pointed to the FHT’s Accredited Register, if looking for a therapist.

Online support for the self-employed
HMRC has produced a range of resources to help self-employed members, from record keeping and business expenses, to starting your own business and income tax.

Research supports aerobic exercise in the treatment for lower back pain, reports Arthritis Digest
A recent study finds that aerobic exercise reduces levels of disability, anxiety, depression and pain in those with chronic lower back pain.

Top ten reasons for being an FHT member
We run through the many benefits available to you as an FHT member.

Stress management techniques help women diagnosed with breast cancer
A new study shows that providing women with skills to manage stress early in their breast cancer treatment can improve their mood and quality of life many years later.

Report on herbal medicine
A report by Professor David Walker looks at the regulation of herbal products and practitioners.

Chichester Local Support Group explores creative journaling
Creative journaling expert, Ann Beazer, was invited to the Chichester Local Support Group as a guest speaker about this therapeutic activity.

New research will help diabetics exercise more safely
Reducing insulin dosage can help diabetics avoid blood sugar dips at night after exercising in the evening, a new study from Northumbria University has found.

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