Therapy seminars specific to you at the 2018 FHT Training Congress

Our 2018 FHT Training Congress features 22 expert speakers, educating you on a wide range of topics, from therapy specific modalities to general business advice. With 24 sessions to choose from, don’t miss the opportunity to learn new skills and grow your business.

For the therapy business ownerFor the business owner v2

Many therapists do amazing work with vulnerable client groups – however when it comes to responsible marketing, it can feel scary. Join Jennifer Young at 10.30am on Sunday 20 May as she helps you to navigate your way through ‘marketing yourself to vulnerable clients’.

Or, get inspired and discover your ‘brand archetype’ to capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand at Emma Hague’s ‘identifying your unique brilliance and authentic brand’ seminar on Monday 21 May at 10.30am.

For the complementary therapistFor the complementary therapist v2

Join Julian Baker, renowned Bowen teacher, as he explains the changes to the Bowen technique, a fascia based therapy which treats an array of conditions. Find out more at ‘the Bowen technique: 25 years on’ at 2pm on Sunday 20 May.

Also, don’t miss out on our nutritional therapy talk, looking at the negative implications of sugar, stress and sitting down on our health and what we can do to protect ourselves against them. Find out more at ‘sugar stress and sitting down – are they really problem?’ with Lisa Smith on Monday 21 May at 2pm.

For the beauty therapistFor the beauty therapist v2

Start off your Monday learning about ‘Ayurvedic kansa wand face massage’ with Mary Dalgleish at 10.30am. You will learn about the gentle face-lifting massage using the kansa wand,  a tool combining copper and tin with trace elements such as zinc and how you can introduce it into your practice.

Continue on from this seminar and join aromatherapy expert, Penny Price, at her talk titled ‘making aromatherapy skincare products’. Penny will help you to understand the ‘minefield’ which is EU Cosmetic Law and all that goes with bringing a new product to market.

For the sports therapistFor the sports therapist v2

Any hands-on therapist involved with assessing, treating and rehabilitating sports related injuries will benefit from the skill of taping. Don’t miss out on our ‘kinesiology taping for the athlete’ seminar with John Gibbons, at 12pm on Sunday 20 May.

Why not stick around for a bit longer and attend Cameron Reid’s seminar on ‘treating your client from injury to performance’ at 3.30pm. Learn the importance of understanding the cause of injury to enable a continuum of care for a successful return to sport, bridging the gap between injury and performance.

And for those wanting to try something newFor those wanting to try something new_v2

Why not experience the benefits of ‘laughter yoga’ first hand with Lotte Mikkelsen on Monday 21 May at 12pm? This interactive and practical workshop gives you an insight into how you can possibly choose laughter in your life, every day.

We also have an exciting opportunity for you to get involved in a group hypnotherapy session with Philippa Bottrill at the ‘Rapid Transformational Therapy’ seminar at 12pm on Monday 21 May. Learn how this hybrid therapy can offer unparalleled results for your clients.

Haven’t seen anything above that interests you? We have a full two-day programme, with 24 therapy talks from the very best in the industry on our website.

Enjoy your member discount on each seminar and remember that your friends can come along too. Our sessions are open to all adults and cost only £12 for FHT members and £15 for non-members.

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