Oh happy day

Today is the United Nations International Day of Happiness. The UN has celebrated this since 2013 and uses this day to celebrate the importance of happiness in the lives of people throughout the world.

Happiness_low res

The UN believes that sustainable development goals that seek to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect the planet are the key aspects that will lead to well-being and happiness across the globe. The organisation set up 17 goals in 2015 based on the above principles and have teamed up with the Smurfs to promote the campaign.

The Action for Happiness movement is also committed to encouraging people everywhere to help create a happier world and strongly supports the UN’s International Day of Happiness.

Action for Happiness has launched a collaborative campaign at http://www.dayofhappiness.net that involves lots of causes and organisations coming together to celebrate the day.

Watch a video about the International Day of Happiness here

Read an article about Action for Happiness, published in issue 112 of International Therapist


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