How to spend less time marketing (and still get clients)

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It’s so frustrating when you have all this passion and not enough of the right people seem to notice. After all (and let’s be honest here) you are actually trying to help them!

You got into this work so you could help people. And you didn’t invest in your training so you could spend your days marketing yourself. You know there has to be some way clients get to hear about you. But you’re already time-strapped and you don’t want to spend money on self-promotion. Ever find yourself wondering if there’s some secret formula to finding clients? Yes? You’re in the right place.

Here’s something I want you to remember:

Clients buy from us when we (subconsciously) tick five boxes for them:

  • They know us
  • And decide they like us
  • They begin to trust us
  • And believe we have the answer to their problem
  • They’re ready to pay someone to help them with that problem

Your marketing needs to make it easy for potential clients to decide if you tick the first four boxes for them. Or not.

Have you been networking with a view to finding clients or people who may refer you to clients? Did you hand out or collect any business cards? This exchange of contact information is the beginning of any relationship. You’re giving (or being given) permission to continue the conversation at a later date.

Imagine if you could do this without setting foot inside a networking event.

You can!

Exactly the same principle applies online as it does offline. Your website’s job is to greet potential customers when you can’t. It can start those conversations and begin building those relationships for you. So when your perfect-fit people are ready, they call.

The best way to do this is offer something of value ~ for free. This taster is given in exchange for an email address. And it helps people get to know you, like you and trust you from a distance. It gives them a genuine feel for what you’re all about and whether there is likely to be a fit. (You may have heard this taster called a freebie, an opt-in or even a ‘pink spoon’ elsewhere).

How to create a perfect taster, freebie, opt-in or ‘pink spoon’

  1. It needs to be free. And it’s in exchange for the potential client sharing their contact details. In exchange for the potential client giving you their permission to be in touch. Make it genuinely sought after and compelling ~ a true taste of what’s to come if they book.
  2. It can be small. Resist the urge to give away everything in a freebie. You’ll burn out delivering freebies before reaching the money making stage.
  3. This shouldn’t be something that needs your time or energy on an ongoing basis. We want this to stand up on its own. So you can create it once and then let it do the work for you.
  4. Make it relevant to the problems and needs of your ideal client. For maximum impact, make it niche relevant.

Your taster, freebie, opt-in or ‘pink spoon’ can take many different formats. And there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Look at what other websites are offering. What do you find compelling? What makes you sign up to something? I’ve supported clients with many of these over the years. Audios, videos, reports, e-booklets, ‘how-to guides’ and online courses all work.

This is perfect for you if you don’t like the thought of self-promotion. And you don’t have the bandwidth to be out there, visible. What would you like to see more of in your business? Now create a freebie that feeds into that. Share an opt-in that gives people a genuine taste of what it would be like if they paid you for this thing you want to sell.

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