What to put on your Facebook business page

You’ve set up a Facebook page for your therapy business. And now you’re wondering, “What on earth do I share? There’s only so much I can say about aromatherapy, reflexology, massage etc…” Am I right?

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It’s important to view Facebook posts as adding value for free to your followers. Not just self-promotion. But thinking up relevant and original ideas day after day is tough. Are you finding your Facebook business page a challenge? Experiment with some of my ideas below to boost interaction, engagement, credibility and clients.

  1. Ask questions

Post questions that will give you valuable feedback about your business. Or about what’s important to your ideal clients. This is like free research with your fans. For example: “If you could sit down with your 12-year old self, what would you tell him or her?” or “What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

  1. Share a Pink Spoon!

A Pink Spoon is something deeply sought after and compelling. It’s sometimes referred to as an opt-in or a freebie. Either way, it’s offered for free in exchange for an email address. And it can take many forms. A Pink Spoon brings people from your Facebook business page over to your website. And it’s here that they will be able to find out more about you as a person. As well as the services you offer your clients. What is it that your ideal clients are craving? Create a Pink Spoon that feeds that need and share it on your Facebook business page. Click here for ideas and examples. (Link to earlier FHT blog post, here: https://blog.fht.org.uk/2016/10/04/how-to-spend-less-time-marketing-and-still-get-clients/)

  1. Post links to blog posts

If blogging forms part of your marketing approach, don’t forget to let your Facebook followers know when there’s a new blog post waiting for them on your website. You share and then they share. It’s a powerful way to get more people reading your words. Plus, it gives your Facebook followers repeated opportunities to find out more about you and your approach.

  1. Let people know what others are saying about you

Feedback is a gift. And testimonials are an incredibly powerful form of marketing. They boost credibility because they come from an unbiased source ~ a paying client. With their permission, consider turning your feedback from clients into images. You can do this using a free tool like Picmonkey. (Link to www.picmonkey.com). Then share that image on your Facebook business page.

  1. Videos and audios

Clients buy from people they know, like and trust. And by giving potential clients a chance to see (or hear) you ‘in action’ you’re boosting the Know, Like, Trust Factor. Videos and audios allow people to check you out from a safe distance. They can figure out if there is likely to be a good fit. And if there is likely to be a connection in real life.

  1. Set up a survey

Want to run a basic questionnaire with your Facebook business page followers? Or some sophisticated market research? Use Surveymonkey (Link to www.surveymonkey.co.uk) to find out what your ideal clients are really thinking. Ask what they would be willing to pay you for. Or what they would like to see more of on your Facebook business page.

  1. Images and inspirational quotes

I wasn’t surprised to learn that quotes are one of the most frequently shared images on social media. They stand out. They connect with people in a way that simply talking about your own service can’t. Find something original, helpful, relevant, inspiring or motivational. And watch the likes, shares and interaction rise.

  1. Answer questions

Generously sharing your tips and wisdom gives your followers a positive experience. You don’t have to give away all your knowledge in one reply. Respond as you would in person ~ perhaps sharing your ‘three top tips’.  You can always direct people to your website or blog for more information.

  1. Links to helpful information

Share links to useful people, services and other Facebook pages. This shows you want to be of service. And that you’re not just a self-promotion machine. If you find an article or a business that would be of interest to your Facebook followers, tell them. Share the love.

  1. Promote what you do

I’ve deliberately saved this until the end. There’s a time and a place for self-promotion on Facebook. Too much and you’ll push people away. Too little and your time on social media becomes unsustainable. Even when you do talk about your business, you don’t have to give it the hard sell. Have you launched a new service? Are you running a competition? Let your followers know. Shine the spotlight on different aspects of your business. Share links to the products and services you offer. Want people to take action? Then it’s important to give clear direction. For example “Click here to book”, “Fill out this form”, “Share this with 3 people”.

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