Top ten reasons for being an FHT member #3: professional representation


The FHT is governed by an elected Council of members who oversee a permanent team of FHT staff, many of who are also qualified therapists. The Council positions are voluntary and unpaid, and attract senior practitioners and educators from across the therapy industry.

Jon-Brazier-vice-president-speakingIt is thanks to the calibre of our Council, and more than 50 years experience as a therapy association, that the FHT is considered the leading authority in its field and is frequently called upon for expert guidance and opinion. On behalf of our members, we work closely with government-backed authorities in the fields of education, regulation, and business skills and enterprise, to help shape and improve the industry.

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FHT Governing Council (click photo for details)


Jennifer Wayte
Jennifer Wayte – ATL (Association of Therapy Lecturers) and PACT (Professional Association of Clinical Therapists)


Bharti Vyas
Bharti Vyas – HBEF (Health and Beauty Employers Federation)

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole – IFHB (International Federation of Health and Beauty Therapists)

Gerri Moore – IFHB (International Federation of Health and Beauty Therapists)

John Brazier
John Brazier – ICAT (International Council of Acupuncture Therapists)

Paul Battersby
Paul Battersby – HFST (International Council of Health, Fitness and Sports therapists)

Herman Fenton
Herman Fenton – HFST (International Council of Health, Fitness and Sports Therapists)

Mary Dalgleish
Mary Dalgleish – ICHT (International Council of Holistic Therapists)

Shailini Karia
Shailini Karia – HBEF (Health and Beauty Employers Federation)

Lay member

Helen Chambers
Helen Chambers – representing the interests of the public

Images: FHT

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