Join us for the FHT’s training event of the year!

Our most popular training event of the year returns this May, with an exciting new programme of talks to help you gain new skills and develop in your career as a therapist.

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The 2019 FHT Training Congress will take place on 19-20 May at the Holistic Health Show, Birmingham, and will feature a range of talks by industry experts on a variety of topics – from therapy-specific modalities to general business advice.

This year we will be hosting more seminars for you to attend than ever before, with 30 sessions to choose from across the two-day event. Here’s a snapshot of what we have scheduled…

  • Five key tips for working with those living with dementiaCPD point roundel copy.png
  • The role of complementary therapy within the NHS
  • Posture: does it matter and can it be corrected?
  • Reflexology and the functional reflex therapy framework
  • Producing a winning brand
  • And more…

What’s more, you’ll gain one CPD point for every session you attend, so if you attend 5 sessions on both days, you’ll gain a total of 10 CPD points – the minimum number required for FHT Members per membership year.

Day passes for the event are available for just £50 for FHT members (£65 for non-members), and allow you to attend a full day of 5 seminars with a saving of £10.

Tickets to individual seminars cost £12 for FHT members and £15 for non-members.

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Inspiration, education and relaxation at the 2018 FHT Training Congress

Thank you to all members and speakers who joined us at the 2018 FHT Training Congress. You all made the event a huge success.

James Earls TC

Our Training Congress took place alongside the Holistic Health show, on Sunday 20 and Monday 21 May at the NEC in Birmingham. We packed the schedule with experts on a wide range of topics, from marketing to massage, with hundreds of delegates enjoying 23 talks by leading therapy and business experts across both days. We had lots of people snapping up the few remaining tickets on the day, and even had to turn some away.

Topics included social media marketing, stretching your clients, mindfulness, being with terminally ill clients, Ayurvedic kansa wand face massage, postural analysis, aromatherapy skincare, laughter yoga, crystals for stress and anxiety and lots more.

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We also had a stand within the main Holistic Health Show and were delighted to meet many existing and new FHT members.

Free goodie bags loaded with great materials and show offers were available at both the stand and Training Congress.

What you had to say about the 2018 FHT Training Congress…

We have received fantastic feedback from members at this year’s event. Read a few comments below:

  • ‘Great seminars today, with Ruth Duncan, John Gibbons, Seán Collins and Nic Wood.’
  • ‘Spent all day yesterday at the FHT Training Congress at the NEC in Birmingham attending talks about “advanced techniques to treat chronic pain” with Jing Massage, “Postural Analysis” with James Earls and “Stretching your clients” with Jane Johnson. Always interesting and great to get tips on new techniques.’
  • ‘Very good visit and talks.’
  • ‘It’s all been fantastic.’
  • ‘It’s the main time in the year where I really get to relax.’

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Help us to plan future education events…

If you attended the training congress and are yet to provide us feedback about the talks you attended, please email your comments to writing ‘Training Congress’ in the subject box.


Supporting clients with fertility issues

Guest blogger and 2018 FHT Training Congress speaker, Barbara Scott, writes about taking an integrative approach to support clients experiencing fertility issues.

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Globally, there are now an estimated one in six couples who experience difficulties of some kind when trying to get pregnant, and sadly, this is getting worse rather than better. These are the couples that seek help and there could be many more who do not. I would estimate that 20-25% of couples now find that starting a family is not as easy as they first thought. Male fertility, in particular, has declined by a massive 50% over a 25-year period, and this decline is continuing, for a multitude of complex reasons, but not least due to pollutants. In addition, what we now realise is that males are involved in probably 50% of all cases of fertility issues and repeated early miscarriage. Men are routinely overlooked when couples try to establish why they are unable to conceive.

Human beings are one of the least fertile mammals on our planet and our chances of conceiving naturally each month are only 17%. When things don’t go according to plan and couples seek the help of Assisted Reproductive Techniques, the results are not much better. IUI has a success rate of between 10-20% per cycle and IVF/ICSI a success rate of 25% per cycle, although this does increase with each cycle undertaken.

The causes of fertility issues are wide, varied and can be complex, so we need to ensure we gather the right kind of information, to provide the most effective support for our clients. Using an integrative approach, we are able to understand some of the basic reasons why couples are having difficulty conceiving. This means being able to understand and interpret basic blood tests for women and both basic and advanced semen analysis for men. It also means that we have a referral pathway and can signpost clients to appropriate services for further investigations.

The top ten most important things to know are:

  1. How long have they been trying to conceive?
  2. If longer than 12 months and they are under 35, has the woman had a basic blood test for FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), Luteinising Hormone, Oestradiol, Prolactin and Progesterone?
  3. If longer than 12 months and they are under 35, has the male had a basic semen analysis?
  4. Have they any underlying reproductive issues that may be affecting their fertility (i.e. endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS in women or varicoceles, hydroceles, prostatitis in men)?.
  5. What does your female client understand about her menstrual cycle?
  6. Does she use basal body temperature charting to monitor her cycle?
  7. Information about the menstrual cycle (i.e. length, length of bleed, signs of ovulation, PMS symptoms and length of the Luteal Phase)
  8. Height, Weight and BMI, as these can really impact upon fertility.
  9. Diet, nutrition and exercise levels.
  10. And finally…….. stress levels! Stress can have a huge impact upon both male and female fertility health.

In 2011, I formed the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, which among other things allowed us to carry out data collection to see how effective our work was and to develop collaborations with the medical professionals involved in client care. Our data, showed a 68% success rate across the board and a doubling of the success rates with IVF from 25% to 52%.

We continue to work on this data and are exploring collaborations with Ovusense (a medical grade ovulation monitor) and Cardiff Met University, to undertake research in the hope of providing a further evidence base to this work.

Learn more at the 2018 FHT Training Congress

You can learn more about supporting clients with fertility issues at the 2018 FHT Training Congress in the NEC Birmingham:

ReproflexologyTMBarbara in Cabin Resized.jpg
With Barbara Scott
Room 1, Sunday 20 May, 12pm – 1pm

Reproflexology™ is an integrative approach to using reflexology to support fertility and underlying reproductive conditions for both men and women.  The integrative approach allows us to understand what the issues may be, measure outcomes and monitor progress.  This provides an evidence based approach to fertility, using reflexology as the main form of treatment.

FHT 2018 Training Congress at Holistic Health

Effective use of crystals for stress and anxiety

Guest blogger and 2018 FHT Training Congress speaker, Jackie Winters, discusses how crystals can be used to help clients deal with stress and anxiety.


Stress and anxiety are conditions that are mainly linked to illness within the mind. However, the effects are experienced emotionally and physically in the body via the neurological system. Neurons in the neurological system operate by sending chemical and electrical impulses (subliminal messages) between synapses throughout the nervous system. Common physical responses to this illness being: palpitations, sweating, dizziness, blackouts and shaking amongst others.  Emotionally it can trigger feelings of being out of control, fear, obsessions and neediness. All of these reactions being a response to thought patterns, and are more likely to affect women than men.

Crystals contain piezo and pyro electrons which, when energetically activated, create piezoelectricity. These subtle electrical impulses emitted by crystals are already being utilized by scientists in watches, televisions and computers. They can also be used to bring stability within the neurological system by directly communicating with neurons. With full knowledge of the crystal frequency and the correct application crystals can make a significant difference in this area.

Statistics state that the three main reasons for mental anxiety and stress in today’s society are thoughts concerned with lack, uncertainty and being overburdened.

All of the above thought patterns are illusions that are most often created by unrealistic expectations of life, self or society.


3 crystals that can help


Chrysocolla releases feelings of being overburdened. The subtle electrical stimulant emitted by chrysocolla will relax, release and rebalance the energy field. It has been used effectively to improve breathing related conditions, relax shoulder tension and purify the mind.  If you are at work simply hold the crystal on the center of the chest, where feelings of being overburdened have a tendency to lay and take just five minutes of your time to exhale fully and allow the natural return of clean healthy air to the lungs. Focus mainly on the exhalation and imagine releasing all of your burdens. The vibration of chrysocolla will soon ease the anxiety.

jade.jpgJade is known as the stone of good fortune and longevity. It will help you slow down and become more mindful, affording you the time to appreciate life and prosper in all that you do. Jade soothes conditions related to the kidneys and has a calming influence on the mind. This is one crystal that I would definitely recommend for those who identify with the mental attitude of lack. Simply place the crystal on the forehead and massage gently at regular intervals throughout the day.

Howlite.jpgHowlite –  the frequency of this crystal is both stabilizing and balancing. When the mind locks into uncertainty it can require a strong amount of faith and trust to release the fear that arises. Howlite calms the digestive system and aids present moment awareness by relaxing the stomach nerves associated with anticipation or worry. For uncertainty of the future place a piece of howlite on the abdomen; for uncertainty associated with the past place it at the nape of the neck and breathe deeply until the anxiety has past.

All crystals should be cleansed and activated before use. If you require instructions on how to do this please visit our website


Did you know that according to research?

  • 16 million people in the UK experience stress and anxiety.
  • Three in four illnesses of the mind start in childhood.
  • 75% of those suffering with stress and anxiety start before the age of 18.
  • 1 in 4 students suffer with stress and anxiety.
  • 85% of the national workforce suffers with stress.

Stress and anxiety is rising within the UK. Crystals can offer a natural approach to self-healing and taking back the control.


Learn more at the 2018 FHT Training Congress

You can learn more about the subject of this blog article at the 2018 FHT Training Congress in the NEC Birmingham:

Jackie Winters croppedEffective use of crystals for stress and anxiety
With Jackie Winters
Room 1, Monday 21 May, 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Take control of stress and anxiety by using crystals – a natural way to calm the mind, soothe emotions and relax the body. Jackie Winters will introduce a selection of crystals and demonstrate effective placement on the body to initiate the best results to self-manage stress and anxiety.


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FHT 2018 Training Congress at Holistic Health

Therapy seminars specific to you at the 2018 FHT Training Congress

Our 2018 FHT Training Congress features 22 expert speakers, educating you on a wide range of topics, from therapy specific modalities to general business advice. With 24 sessions to choose from, don’t miss the opportunity to learn new skills and grow your business.

For the therapy business ownerFor the business owner v2

Many therapists do amazing work with vulnerable client groups – however when it comes to responsible marketing, it can feel scary. Join Jennifer Young at 10.30am on Sunday 20 May as she helps you to navigate your way through ‘marketing yourself to vulnerable clients’.

Or, get inspired and discover your ‘brand archetype’ to capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand at Emma Hague’s ‘identifying your unique brilliance and authentic brand’ seminar on Monday 21 May at 10.30am.

For the complementary therapistFor the complementary therapist v2

Join Julian Baker, renowned Bowen teacher, as he explains the changes to the Bowen technique, a fascia based therapy which treats an array of conditions. Find out more at ‘the Bowen technique: 25 years on’ at 2pm on Sunday 20 May.

Also, don’t miss out on our nutritional therapy talk, looking at the negative implications of sugar, stress and sitting down on our health and what we can do to protect ourselves against them. Find out more at ‘sugar stress and sitting down – are they really problem?’ with Lisa Smith on Monday 21 May at 2pm.

For the beauty therapistFor the beauty therapist v2

Start off your Monday learning about ‘Ayurvedic kansa wand face massage’ with Mary Dalgleish at 10.30am. You will learn about the gentle face-lifting massage using the kansa wand,  a tool combining copper and tin with trace elements such as zinc and how you can introduce it into your practice.

Continue on from this seminar and join aromatherapy expert, Penny Price, at her talk titled ‘making aromatherapy skincare products’. Penny will help you to understand the ‘minefield’ which is EU Cosmetic Law and all that goes with bringing a new product to market.

For the sports therapistFor the sports therapist v2

Any hands-on therapist involved with assessing, treating and rehabilitating sports related injuries will benefit from the skill of taping. Don’t miss out on our ‘kinesiology taping for the athlete’ seminar with John Gibbons, at 12pm on Sunday 20 May.

Why not stick around for a bit longer and attend Cameron Reid’s seminar on ‘treating your client from injury to performance’ at 3.30pm. Learn the importance of understanding the cause of injury to enable a continuum of care for a successful return to sport, bridging the gap between injury and performance.

And for those wanting to try something newFor those wanting to try something new_v2

Why not experience the benefits of ‘laughter yoga’ first hand with Lotte Mikkelsen on Monday 21 May at 12pm? This interactive and practical workshop gives you an insight into how you can possibly choose laughter in your life, every day.

We also have an exciting opportunity for you to get involved in a group hypnotherapy session with Philippa Bottrill at the ‘Rapid Transformational Therapy’ seminar at 12pm on Monday 21 May. Learn how this hybrid therapy can offer unparalleled results for your clients.

Haven’t seen anything above that interests you? We have a full two-day programme, with 24 therapy talks from the very best in the industry on our website.

Enjoy your member discount on each seminar and remember that your friends can come along too. Our sessions are open to all adults and cost only £12 for FHT members and £15 for non-members.

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FHT 2018 Training Congress at Holistic Health

Tell me about… rapid transformational therapy

Philippa Bottrill, who will be talking at this year’s FHT Training Congress, gives us an introduction to rapid transformational therapy

Rapid Transformational therapy

What is it?

Rapid transformational therapy (RTT) is a unique form of hypnosis. RTT embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients: the use of trance, regression and hypnotic conditioning. However, RTT builds a new therapeutic approach. RTT therapists are equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are used to teach individuals to communicate with their subconscious mind and access and fix whatever blockages may be there.

When and where did it originate?

RTT has been developed by Marisa Peer, who has fine-tuned this method over 30 years and is the only person that teaches this innovative approach.

Marisa Peer has been influenced by lots of methodologies including hypnosis, CBT, psychotherapy, psychology, healing and NLP. However, it would be incorrect to say her method is just a summation of these parts. RTT is one of a kind and its foundation is guided by the unconventional idea that you don’t need a lifetime to learn, master and then change the processes of the mind, nor weekly sessions.

What are the benefits?

We work alongside our clients uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events quickly and then help to change these. RTT enables the mind to tell the body to heal itself using a technique called command cell therapy, and how to react and feel, altering and improving messages the body sends to the mind. It is used to support clients with a wide range of conditions, such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. RTT aims to deliver permanent change fast, allowing clients to live healthier, happier lives.

Is it covered by the FHT?

Yes, with relevant pre-requisites. Call the FHT on 023 8062 4350.

Learn more at the 2018 FHT Training Congress

Philippa will be giving a talk at this year’s FHT Training Congress at this year’s Holistic Health Show on Monday 21 May, covering rapid transformational therapy.

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FHT 2018 Training Congress at Holistic Health


Psychologies readers wrap their minds around mindfulness

Sean Collins pictureThe FHT was delighted to receive a request from Psychologies for a web article by Seán Collins, about how mindfulness techniques can help to protect the health and wellbeing of complementary therapists. A speaker at this year’s FHT Training Congress, Seán teaches meditation and mindfulness to therapists and other health professionals, as well as hospices, charities, corporate companies and universities. He is also a senior mentor within Zenways, where he mentors almost 20 qualified mediation teachers.

You can read his run down on winding down here.

Want to learn more?

Seán will be giving a talk on mindfulness for therapists as part of the 2018 FHT Training Congress, taking place at Holistic Health Show, NEC Birmingham, on Sunday, 20 May and Monday, 21 May.

The two-day event will feature a range of expert speakers, educating you on various topics, from therapy specific modalities to general business advice, all of which will gain you one point to count towards your continuing professional development (CPD)With 24 CPD sessions for you to choose from, don’t miss the opportunity to learn new skills and grow your business.

Sessions cost only £12 for FHT members and £15 for non-FHT members.

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FHT 2018 Training Congress at Holistic Health