FHT to give presentation at Integrative Health Convention

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FHT Vice President, Mary Dalgleish, will be giving a presentation on aromatherapy at the 2019 Integrative Health Convention in London this October.

The convention aims to bring together members of the public and health professionals with an interest in complementary and integrated healthcare, to learn, share and connect.

As well as explaining the health benefits of aromatherapy and what a typical treatment involves, Mary’s talk will cover the history and origins of aromatherapy; different modes of application; the therapeutic properties of various essential oils; and issues regarding safe practice.

Delegates will also be signposted to the FHT’s Accredited Register when looking for a professional complementary therapist, both at the end of Mary’s presentation and in FHT goody bags being distributed across the two days.

To promote her involvement, Mary recently took part in an interview with Dr Toh Wong, co-organiser of the convention and a council member of the College of Medicine. Click the link below to learn more about Mary’s talk, why she trained to be a therapist, and how she feels complementary therapists can help to support both the general public and the current health and care system. A special promotional code is available at the end of the video, providing FHT members a 5% discount off their booking.

Watch a video of Mary being interviewed by Dr Toh Wong

Music to our ears

John Levine webpage image black and white circle.pngIn the latest in a series of interviews with 2019 FHT Training Congress expert speakers, we speak to John Bram Levine about the therapeutic power of music.


Tell us a bit of background about yourself…

I have been creating original music and playing piano since I was six. I originally trained as an electronic engineer and then as a classical composer. I have studied psychology and the physiology of hearing. In the 1980s I first read about the discoveries of Dr Hans Berger: how the brain emits electrical waves, which rise and fall in intensity depending on our mood. These waves, whether in the brain or emitted into the air, are measured as frequency or cycles per second. Based on his work and my own expertise and after considerable experimentation, I established a pattern of sound that invites the brain to settle into an alpha state. This is a calmer state than the excitable peaks and troughs known as beta, which contribute to feelings of anxiety.


johnlevine.jpgWhat interests you outside of work?

I am never bored as there is always so much to think about. I love cooking and inventing new types of soup using my Vitamix. Although I am travelling constantly, I also enjoy staying at home enjoying family life.


What is your Training Congress seminar about?

It is about how music can become another form of medicine. Therapists can enhance their treatments (for both themselves and their clients) by influencing and harmonising brainwaves. The capacity of our brain is vast, and this subject is endlessly fascinating. In this seminar I will help people to join the dots between brainwaves, hormones, the immune system and how clients can gain more benefits from therapy or healing by using the right type of background music.

I will provide practical tips on how to quickly calm stressed, anxious or chatty clients by inducing a meditative-style state without instructions or narrative.

The correlation between the brain and the influence of music has long been studied. Recent researches prove that this link is strong, and its healing properties have now been recorded in a large number of health cases.


What is it about your topic that appeals to you and why is it useful for therapists?

As the topic suggests, I will explain how to boost therapy by altering brainwaves using particular music compositions. In alpha we naturally have a better command of life, our health and our mood. We are able to think more clearly, consider responses and even make more creative decisions, with better long-term results.

Music offers the simplest path to the alpha state, without demanding that you sleep, or even leave your desk! From Gregorian chant to timeless lullabies, the effect is the same: as we listen, we feel better, more relaxed.


What will attendees of your seminar expect to come away with?

They will learn about the five types of brainwaves, which brainwave states are important for healthy living and which brainwave states to avoid. I will provide case studies and illustrate innovative methods of creating more profound treatments and healing for both clients and therapists.


Are there any other seminars in the programme which look particularly interesting to you?

19 May: Dr Carol Samuel (Pain in cancer survivors), Julie Crossman (The role of the complementary therapist within the NHS) and Dr Toh Wong (Five main reasons why therapists don’t get referrals from the medical profession)

20 May: Lorraine Senior (reflexology and the Functional Reflex Therapy framework)


What would be your one piece of advice for therapists wanting to grow and develop their therapy practice?

In order to help patients, it is essential to make sure you take care of your own health as well. Being tired and overworked will create more harm than good. All music and sounds affect yourself and your clients.

Please feel free to ask me questions on my blog.

It’s exciting as this will be the first conference we are talking and exhibiting at for some years!



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Join us at the 2019 FHT Training Congress from Sunday 19 to Monday 20 May at the Holistic Health Show, NEC Birmingham.

For more details about the talks and to book, visit fht.org.uk/congress


Building a practice that you love

Jill Woods web image black and white circleMy name is Jill Woods, and I’ve been asked to do a short introduction to myself and the session I am going to be doing for you at the FHT training congress in May. I’ve also been asked to give you my one bit of advice that I feel will help you grow your practice the most (you need to wait to the very end for that).

My background is in both healthcare (I’m a podiatrist) but also marketing and PR, but as I can feel some of you cringing at that, I want to ask you for a few minutes of your time to hopefully show you I’m not your stereotypical sharp suit wearing,  pushy sales orientated practice growth expert.

My outlook is that I want to help you to build a practice that you love, that serves you and that fills you with joy as much as possible. I want to help you build that practice in a way that feels authentic and ethical, without the need for pushy, cheesy marketing.

Press play and I’ll tell you a bit more about me and my approach to supporting healthcare practices like yours grow,  avoiding formulaic sales funnels and staying aligned with your personal values and ethics.

If you are curious and want to find out any more about me please feel free to come and connect with me on Instagram – Just search for Practice Momentum and you’ll find me, or hop over to my website at http://www.jillwoods.com for a rummage around.

If you have any questions at all in the lead up to the event, especially if you are struggling to decide which of the great sessions to attend, please ask away in the box at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Join us at the 2019 FHT Training Congress from Sunday 19 to Monday 20 May at the Holistic Health Show, NEC Birmingham.

For more details about the talks and to book, visit fht.org.uk/congress


Knowledge is great, but it’s of no use if you can’t put it into practice

Dr Apte - web picture black and white circleThis week we speak to Dr Deepa Apte, a medical doctor, Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher. Dr Apte will be speaking about diagnostic techniques in Ayurveda at the 2019 FHT Training Congress.

Tell us a bit of background about yourself…

I come from a family and background in India where Ayurveda has been followed as a tradition in the family. Be it the festivals or various ceremonies that take place at home for example weddings etc, they were all followed according to Ayurvedic principles. Therefore, I was introduced to this great science as a child. Growing up, I studied general medicine to become a medical doctor. After I completed my medical studies, I went back to studying Ayurveda as it was the one science that intrigued me the most because it’s not just a science or philosophy, it’s a way of life, aiming towards true health, balance and harmony.

Give us an insight in to your normal day-to-day schedule…

My typical working day is quite varied. I work both on weekdays and weekends and hence each week or day could be very different. As well as working as a doctor and therapist at my ayurvedic health spa in London, I am the director and founder of a company, Ayurveda Pura Ltd, that manufactures ayurvedic products, from herbal teas to massage oils and spa supplies. I also run an academy that trains ayurvedic practitioners and yoga teachers. Plus, I do a fair bit of travelling round the globe, giving lectures and seminars.


What interests you outside of work?

I love creativity. Outside of my work, I spend time painting, drawing and any kind of handicraft or creative work. It’s not about just the relaxation part of the hobby, but also to make it useful for the people out there who need help the most. Hence, I sell my artwork and money raised is put towards charitable organisations so that the money can be put to good use.

I also love meeting people and networking. Especially those who inspire me to be able to do my kind of work in a better way.

What is your Training Congress seminar about?

Diagnostic techniques in Ayurveda to help support your practice. Ayurveda has various diagnostic techniques to understand what is happening in the body and mind. Join me to explore the most essential diagnostic techniques used in Ayurveda, like Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis, Ayurvedic facial diagnosis and how you can integrate them into your practice and clinic.


What is it about your topic that appeals to you and why is it useful for therapists?

Diagnosis, especially precise diagnosis, is key to the success of any therapy or management. Without correct diagnosis and conclusion, one cannot apply the right tools of management. And this is the whole focus of this workshop. Correct diagnosis also gives the therapist complete confidence to apply their principle of practice precisely and hence the result is positive.

What will attendees of your seminar expect to come away with?

They will understand various tools of diagnosis, become aware of them and how they are able to put it into practice. The aim of this workshop is also to point out that diagnosis is easy if the right techniques are applied. And most importantly, the therapists will be able to take away all the information and avenues of various ways of diagnosis and its practice.

Are there any other seminars in the programme which look particularly interesting to you?

I am quite interested in Dr Toh Wong’s seminar. I know him personally and his talks are always very inspiring.


What would be your one piece of advice for therapists wanting to grow and develop their therapy practice?

In Ayurveda there is a saying, knowledge is great, eternal and bliss, but it’s of no use if you cannot put it into practice. Likewise, make sure that your therapies are practical, easy to follow and effective.

Communication is also key. In today’s world of digital marketing, it’s important to become abreast with the latest tools and to network and meet more likeminded people.

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Join us at the 2019 FHT Training Congress from Sunday 19 to Monday 20 May at the Holistic Health Show, NEC Birmingham.

For more details about the talks and to book, visit fht.org.uk/congress


FHT sponsors 2019 National Massage Championship

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Following the success of the first ever National Massage Championship at Olympia Beauty last year, which was won by FHT Member Mario De Sousa and judged by FHT Vice President Mary Dalgleish, we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of this year’s event.

Taking place on 29-30 September at Olympia Beauty, London, qualified therapists are once again invited to showcase their technique and bodywork skills in six different categories including Advanced Massage, SPA/Wellness Massage, Freestyle Massage, Eastern Massage, Chair Massage and Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage.

Reflecting on his win in 2018, Mario said, ‘Winning the competition was a tremendous honour for me, and a pleasure to be surrounded by amazing people. My congratulations to the organisers, judges and therapists. Olympia Beauty was the perfect place for this.

‘As a therapist, I continually strive to improve my techniques, help those in need and inspire younger generations.’

Mario received a certificate and trophy, as well as a wealth of exclusive gifts from leading brands and recognition from industry peers.

To find out more about the 2019 National Massage Championship and to enter, visit www.olympiabeauty.co.uk/thenmc

FHT members can enjoy a 30% discount on entry into The National Massage Championship, by using the code FHT2019, before 30 June.

Mindful Living and Sleep Show

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Would you like to learn more about mindfulness, meditation and better sleep? The Mindful Living and The Sleep Show come together at the Business Design Centre in London, on 15 to 16 March 2019.  The event offers two unique days of learning, fun and relaxation—through seminars, live practice, inspirational features and experiential sessions.

Discover the science with exclusive content for visitors with a professional or a personal interest.  Learn how mindfulness can benefit your life, health and work.  Find solutions and guidance to sleep issues affecting your family or working life.

Now in its third year, the event offers over 100 talks in conference-style theatres.  Amongst others, you will hear from TV personality, Russell Grant; Vidyamala Burch, teacher, author and co-founder of Breathworks; lucid dreaming expert, Charlie Morley; mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist, Dr Patrizia Collard; Head of Wellbeing Learning for Google, Ruchika Sikri; and renowned sleep experts, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan and Chris Idzikowski.

The event will bring peace into the heart of London through its relaxing and inspirational feature areas, including the Body and Mind Space, Creative Calm space and Mindful Minis—giving children their own wellbeing space to enjoy.

Find out more at www.mindfullivingshow.com | www.thesleepshow.com.

We are giving away three pairs of full day tickets (worth £50 per pair) to visit the show on either 15 or 16 March. Simply enter via the form here: Competition Entry


Celebrating the winners

Winner guide cropped.jpg

To celebrate the success of our 2018 FHT Excellence Awards winners who were announced at our 2018 FHT Conference in November, we’ve produced a special brochure where you can learn more about their work and why our judges thought they were deserving of their award.  Click here to read our special winners guide .

And for those that didn’t attend the conference but would like to experience some of the inspiring talks that were given by the expert speakers at the event, we’ve put together a highlights video with some of the best bits.

Thank you to everyone that attended the conference and made it one of our best events yet. We hope to see you at the next one.