FHT Professional Development Conference 2022: Sarah Catlow

A Q&A with Sarah Catlow

Q&A questions

[Image of Sarah Catlow]

Tell us a bit of background about yourself…

I have been teaching in higher education, across both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, for 25 years where I mainly teaching the treatment and prevention of MSK injuries and emergency trauma.  My research interests include the biomechanics of injury, prevention of injury and concussion and I am busy completing my PhD investigating the application methods of Kinesiology tape. I have been recently elected as the Vice Chair of the Sports Therapy Organisation (STO) and I am really excited to take on this new role.  I have also worked as a Sports Therapist with many different sports at many different levels

What interests you outside of work? (How do you normally spend your spare time?)

My five-year-old keeps me extremely busy, we have just recently brought a motorhome, so we are enjoying having adventures. I do live in the best part of the country so enjoy walks across Dartmoor and by the sea with my two rescue dogs.

What is your seminar about and what can viewers expect to come away with?

The seminar is investigating a real-life case study of a golfer and how the RSscan Footscan® System can be used to enhance mechanical performance (Biomechanics) to minimise injury and to maximise efficiency.

What is it about your topic that appeals to you and why is it useful for therapists? 

Your feet are the very foundation of most sporting movements. Without proper foot function, the body’s balance and sense of movement are negatively affected and this can have a profound influence on your overall body mechanics, performance and increase injury risk.

What would be your one piece of advice for therapists wanting to grow and develop their therapy practice? 

Keep on learning and developing skills as this area is always changing and engage with reflective practice this will allow you to continually improve the way you work and the quality of care you give to people

What do you consider to be the most important traits for a therapist to have?

  1. Good communication skills and to develop a trusting relation with your client
  2. An Empathic relationship style
  3. Flexible use of treatments – one size does not fit all
  4. Continuing education and reliance on research.
  5. Positive attitude

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