Aromatherapy Awareness Week – Essential oils to support skin conditions

In International Therapist Autumn 2017 we published a feature by Penny Price on how essential oils can be used to address skin conditions. We regularly share aromatherapy articles and research in International Therapist magazine which is a perk for FHT members, find out about becoming a member here.

Penny begins the article by taking a look at our skin structure and essential oils, she writes, ‘Essential oils can easily penetrate human skin because of their tiny molecular structure. This, in addition to their fat solubility, means they will dissolve in sebum and wend their way down through the layers of the skin until they reach the bloodstream.

‘Vegetable carrier oils do not penetrate the skin as the molecular weight of fi xed oils is high and therefore the structure too large. However, cold-pressed and virgin oils can improve the outward appearance of the skin, and traces of vitamins and other fat soluble elements can access the skin from the oil. Carrier oils can also help the surface layers of the skin by reducing inflammation.

‘Hydrolats can be the perfect answer as they are extremely gentle and can be used for all skin types. They do not fully penetrate the skin, yet can improve the appearance and impart antibacterial and anti-infl ammatory effects. They contain larger steroidal molecules, which are calming and antispasmodic. Hydrolats can be spritzed or applied with cotton wool.’

Read the full article here.

Have you been promoting the benefits of aromatherapy this Aromatherapy Awareness Week (7-13 June)? If so we would love to hear from you, get in touch by emailing FHT Deputy Editor, Leanne, at

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