FHT contributes aromatherapy article to Natural Health magazine

Here in the press NH June cover

To celebrate Aromatherapy Awareness Week (8 -14 June), we share a feature contributed by FHT to the latest issue of Natural Health magazine. 

FHT Board Member and qualified aromatherapist, Mary Dalgleish, writes about the relaxing, balancing and stimulating effects of essential oils in the June issue of Natural Health magazine.

In this feature, Mary talks about the tiny molecules in essential oils and how they are absorbed into the bloodstream and what happens once they are in the body. Mary says, ‘Once in the bloodstream, the molecules travel throughout the body, interacting with cells and other molecules. If inhaled, they can also stimulate areas of the brain linked to emotion, memory and learning as well as affecting heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, stress and hormones.’

Mary concludes that essential oils are good at helping to address ‘everyday’ challenges and complaints such as reducing anxiety, stress, promoting relaxation and sleep and giving us an energy boost.

FHT regularly contributes to consumer magazines to promote the FHT, our members and the therapies they practice.

Read the full article here.

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