FHT shares face-boosting therapies and the benefits of grapefruit in Natural Health magazine

Natural Health APR19 cover.jpg

We are delighted to have contributed two articles to Natural Health magazine’s April issue, to promote FHT members, the therapies they practice, and the Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register.

In a two-page feature, FHT Vice Presidents Mary Dalgleish and Maria Mason offer readers six natural therapies to give your face a much-needed boost—facial massage, Kansa wand facelift massage, aromatherapy, acupressure, facial yoga and FHT member Ziggie Bergman’s Zone Face Lift.

We also offer readers DIY face-boosters and direct readers to the FHT website to find a suitably qualified therapist.

Our second contribution looks at the health benefits of grapefruit, in Natural Health’s regular plant profile.

Read the articles here

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