Tools to help you support clients remotely


Providing live support via a video or telephone consultation can be a great way to host a session, such as therapy-specific self-help techniques or counselling and mindfulness (see our Supporting clients remotely blog for more guidance).

If you haven’t used a video communication platform before, here are a few we recommend. Each platform has helpful step-by-step guides to show you how to get started, we have included these below too.


Skype is probably the most well-known platform for video communication. It has some helpful tools such as live subtitles, mobile screen sharing and call recording.

Find out more on Skype’s helpful FAQ’s page  


Zoom is a relatively new platform that is quickly growing in popularity. It offers similar benefits to Skype, as well as the ability to message across platforms and build collaboration-enabled conference rooms.

To learn more, you can click here to join Zoom’s daily live training sessions.

Or you can click here for Zoom’s video tutorials, which are really helpful.


If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, FaceTime is probably already set up on your device and is something you’re used to using, just be careful of racking up those minutes!

Click here to read Apple’s step-by-step guide


Facebook has all the tools you need to hold a video call, and you are probably already connected to your clients on the platform.

Find out more about Facebook’s video calling function

Member suggestion (01/04/20): and VSee have proved to be another two great options for online consultations, both with excellent security credentials. 

Tips to prepare for a video call 

  • Plan. Make a list of what you think would be useful to cover.
  • Make sure you dress as you usually would when seeing a client.
  • Test out your webcam and microphone beforehand:

Is it at the right angle? Is the brightness ok? What can your client see around you?

  • Give your client your username before the call and if necessary, explain to them how to accept a call.

Finally, you may have to be a little patient at this time – these are apps are in high demand due to social distancing and people trying to find other ways to stay in touch.

Good luck and enjoy! 

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