Just a few of the ways FHT members are supporting clients during the COVID-19 lockdown

Shirley O’Donoghue 

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 09.39.10Shirley, MFHT, is an NHS Senior Charge Nurse for psychological therapies in Lanarkshire.

Shirley said, ‘During lockdown I thought, “what could I do that would help using the skills that I have?” I work predominantly with older people and am trained in mindfulness so decided to set up an eight-week mindfulness cognitive therapy group to support the mental health and wellbeing of my elderly patients.

‘I have also been uploading meditations to YouTube each week. I have recorded a range of meditations including, body scan, seated, kindness, three-minute breathing, and a silent meditation. I’ve found the regular practice has helped me too, and I’ve learned new skills by embracing technology. ‘

Jane Connor

thumbnail_IMG_5887Jane, MFHT, is a Complementary Therapist, Wellbeing Therapist and FE Lecturer in Holistic Therapies.

Jane said, ‘On a Monday I have been sharing a 45 minute live videos for a group of my private clients.  The topics range from ‘how to self massage’ to a ‘first aid kit of essential oils and how to use them’.

‘On Tuesdays and Thursdays I work for Elysium Healthcare as a Wellbeing Therapist for hospital staff. I have been providing short talks via a portal on wellness using essential oils, self massage and stretches.  Staff can access the portal in their own time and the aim is to build a catalogue of support for physical and mental health.

‘For my private clients, I have been providing bespoke wellbeing boxes to go support the treatment plans I provided to them before the lockdown.’

Jackie Hamilton

jackie at event giving treatmentJackie Hamilton, MFHT, is a complementary therapist and runs a not-for-profit organisation called TherapyAid. Jackie said, ‘To ensure we are able to continue supporting the unpaid carers who access therapies through TherapyAid, we set up a few free initiatives they can get involved with.’

‘On a Monday and Friday morning we hold a Zoom fitness class with Joe Wicks, whereby we host a group Zoom call and have Joe live on another device. Unpaid carers are really enjoying this, as are the therapists!’

‘We also decided to buy our unpaid carers copies of Dr Chatterjee’s book, The 4 Pillar Plan. Each week we run a book club through Zoom where we review a a few pages of Dr Chatterjee’s book. We’ve been encouraging all our unpaid carers to get involved and at least two have said reading the book has already changed their life! Amazing Dr. Chatterjee.’

‘We have set up a Facebook group for our carers with regular live and recorded videos about meditation, hand reflexology, ear reflexology, laughter therapy, Bach Remedies – a whole host of things to help with stress and anxiety. We are also video calling them regularly with self-care reflexology techniques to try at home themselves and it is proving really successful and it works.’

Jackie Hamilton set up the not-for-profit organisation, TherapyAid in 2019. Read more about Jackie’s work in International Therapist, Spring 2020.

Grace Harrop

20200526_125831Grace, MFHT, is a sports and holistic massage therapist who volunteers once a week at a hospice.

Grace said, ‘I wanted to provide something for my clients to do at home which would recreate the feeling they get after a massage, while taking in to consideration what I am qualified in and what I feel comfortable sharing online. I have been very careful to not advise anything that could cause pain or discomfort to my clients while I am not there in person to watch how they are moving their bodies. 

‘I have been sharing short videos and hosting small group classes to guide my clients through gentle exercises and stretches, targeting different areas of the body. I have also been taking requests and am often asked direct advice for rehabilitation on injury. In one case, a client who broke a metatarsal bone before lockdown and has been unable to attend physiotherapy appointments. I was able to guide them through so easy stretches to relieve the pain, help reduce the scar tissue and stretch the tendons.’

‘I have also been having one to one consultations via video call, to talk through any physical issues with clients. Together we have worked on some self massage and stretching plans for them to do at home.’


Wendy Gardner

NOR_3707Wendy, MFHT, offers aromatherapy, massage and facials at  Glow Skincare. Many of Wendy’s clients are going through perimenopause.

Wendy said, ‘I’m offering my clients video tutorials so they can practice self care at home, for instance how they can use different products to carry out a gentle and calming facial massage. Not only are they helping their skin, the physical touch is extremely comforting and even more so now that we are practicing social distancing.

‘There is something intensely reassuring when we can give ourselves some TLC. Of course it’s not as wonderful as being pampered and cared for by a massage therapist, but it is something positive in these unsettling times.’


Lisa Hopper


Lisa, MFHT, is a Bowen therapist from East Sussex. At Lisa’s clinic, she offers Bowen therapy, bach flower remedy consultations, reiki treatments and Indian head massage.
Lisa said, ‘Now finding myself at home unable to see clients anymore, I suddenly realised that I could still offer two things to my clients. One is phoning my regulars to stay in touch and make sure they are OK for supplies from their family and friends as well just have a chat, when loneliness is going to become a major problem for many.
‘The other was to offer bach flower consultations over the phone instead of face-to-face. I contacted my most recent clients that I had to cancel for Bowen therapy who were in booked for various things from anxiety to back pain, low mood, low energy and stress. I suggested I could support them with BFR’s and they were delighted! Consultations last approximately 40 mins and then I take another hour to sort out the right flower remedies, bottle and package them before popping them in the post. The remedies will last them 4-6 weeks.’
Jacqueline Bailey
20200408_205435At Jacqueline’s salon and training centre in Leicestershire, Coppice Therapies, she practices and teaches a range of therapies including dowsing, holistic, massage, beauty and spa.
‘On a Monday’s I share a general 30 minute video with my clients and students. This Monday we were looking at body brushing, Wednesday’s I have been running a 30 minute online meditation (as I usually run a weekly meditation class), and Friday’s is a 30 minute reiki share and healing circle.
‘Everything I have been doing is for free and I am continuing to support as many as I can. A lot of clients and students are texting and emailing , and I have had to learn Skype and Zoom very quickly!’
Have you been supporting clients remotely during the coronavirus outbreak? We would love to hear more, email Leanne at lsheill@fht.org.uk.


One thought on “Just a few of the ways FHT members are supporting clients during the COVID-19 lockdown

  1. These therapists are all helping different people in different ways. I have personally uploaded a private video to Youtube notifying my clients which offers a guided Mini Facial Massage. I also set a quiz which I forwarded to my clients should they wish to partake in, with the winner receiving a FREE 45 minute therapy post lockdown. I have received many thanks and beautiful comments.


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