Digital Consultation Forms For Remote Work


Daniel Ruscigno is the co-founder of FHT partner brand, ClinicSense. FHT members get a 14-day free trial with ClinicSense, plus a special discounted rate (starting at £19).

When it comes to the economy, COVID-19 has hit local businesses the hardest. The situation has closed doors and forced business owners to adapt their business to get by. It’s a scary time, leaving many people feeling worried, overwhelmed, and stressed. For therapists, there is an additional feeling of helplessness as they are unable to be physically present with their clients to treat them.

But there is reason to be optimistic. This situation is temporary and therapists will be in an incredible position to contribute their skills to society when doors are back open. Think of all of the clients that were in the middle of a treatment plan, the number of people experiencing high levels of stress, and those who are not getting the amount of daily movement they are used to and will be in pain. These people will be flooding the office of therapists once they are able to, and therapists will be able to help in an unprecedented way.

In the meantime, there are therapists who have done an incredible job working with clients remotely. The FHT laid out ways that you can work with clients remotely, which include: sending emails with general health & wellness tips, sharing video demonstrations of self-help tips, and scheduling sessions via apps such as FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. I spoke with Sarah Lashley, a massage therapist who is offering virtual sessions: 

“Our individual online sessions are 30 minutes. We teach the client how to precisely treat 2 to 4 muscles using a Thera Cane, ball, foam roller or their hands. We are also doing partner sessions, which are 45 minutes. We teach the client’s partner how to precisely treat the muscles our client needs maintenance on to stay pain-free or in low levels of pain.

We are really excited that this unique time can be used to help clients in pain gain self-treatment skills to help them feel empowered and like they can have control over their pain like never before.”

One of the challenges while working remotely is the maintenance of proper records and notes while maintaining data protection requirements. This is where FHT partner brand, ClinicSense, can help. The clinic management software features online scheduling, appointment reminders, treatment notes, gift certificates, and email marketing. Today I want to focus on one item in particular: digital consultation forms.

The way it works is straightforward. Once the session is added to your calendar, the client is sent a confirmation email with the details of their appointment. If the client is a new client, this email will ask them to complete a consultation form. If the client is an existing client, they will only be asked if they are due to update their consultation form.

The form will open on the client’s computer or phone within their web browser and is secured with encryption for proper data protection. Once the client submits the form, it’s instantly available for you to view within your ClinicSense account. You’ll be able to review their form before your virtual session so you are well prepared.

You can also use ClinicSense to record your session notes. This will prevent a pile up of paperwork in your home and your notes will be easily accessible when you return to your office. This is also an easy solution for the secure storage of your notes, which can be especially difficult to accomplish with hardcopy notes when you share your living space with a partner or children. 

While initially the idea of remotely serving clients may be daunting, there is reason to be hopeful. There are tech tools to make it easy, there are tips on how to support clients from the FHT, and there are many clients ready to benefit from your care, even if it’s from a distance.

Learn more about ClinicSense.

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