Complementary therapies are beneficial to people with advanced cancer

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The article below was first published in International Therapist issue 129 (Summer 2019)

Aromatherapy, reflexology and massage can all benefit clients with advanced cancer, according to a review published in Palliative Medicine.

Searching medical databases, a team of researchers found five qualitative studies evaluating the therapeutic needs of people in palliative care with advanced cancer, which provide evidence of the benefits of therapies.

They examined three ‘analytical themes’: the patient experience during the therapy (enhanced wellbeing and escapism), beyond the complementary therapy session (lasting benefits and overall evaluation), and the delivery of complementary therapy in palliative care (value of therapist and delivery of the complementary therapy).

The results showed that people with advanced cancer experienced benefits from aromatherapy, reflexology and massage, including enhanced wellbeing, respite and escapism from their disease.

Access the review abstract at

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