Making International Therapist more environmentally friendly

As many of you are aware, FHT’s membership magazine, International Therapist, is produced by printers that have FSC® chain of custody certification to ensure that materials used are tracked from well-managed forests to the consumer. They also use efficient processes to reduce the consumption of energy and water, and inks that are vegetable-based. And while the poly wrap your magazine currently arrives in can be recycled at many of the larger supermarkets, we appreciate that the idea is to avoid using plastic wherever possible.

Potato starch wrap

Environmentally-friendly wrapper

For some time, we’ve been looking into more environmentally friendly ways to distribute International Therapist to our members and we are delighted to now use a biodegradable wrap that is made from potato starch. The wrapper contains no plasticisers or toxins and as a result, it is 100% biodegradable… under the right conditions.

In order for the potato starch wrapper to break down effectively, it needs to be disposed in either a home composting bin or, where accepted by local authorities, in food waste recycling or green bins. As far as we are aware, placing the wrapper into a standard waste bin will drastically hinder its ability to biodegrade. So, in order for this greener alternative to poly wrap to be truly environmentally friendly, we need your support at the end of the chain!

Please talk to us…

The potato starch wrapper is opaque/milky in colour rather than completely see-through and is now used for every copy of International Therapist that we send out to our members. Please get in touch and let us know that your magazine has arrived safely and any feedback that you have. We’d also like to know if it is easy for you to dispose of the wrapper, either in a home compost bin or in your food recycling or green bin. Please email us at

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