College of Medicine publishes Complementary Medicine Roundup

Dr Michael Dixon.jpg

The College of Medicine has published its latest Complementary Medicine Roundup. Written by former barrister, Richard Eaton, the February roundup is packed with a wealth of information on the latest developments in complementary therapy, from research and advocacy, to current challenges and areas of progress.

The latest roundup begins with a mention of the 2018 FHT Conference, highlighting how Dr Michael Dixon spoke about a ‘”new horizon” for complementary and alternative medicine and integrated health and of its increasing acceptance by younger members of the (conventional) medical profession’.

Richard goes on to say that this increased acceptance of CAM is not limited to the UK, with progress being made in other countries, including the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia, India and the Netherlands.

As Richard notes, the ethos of a new horizon is reflected in the All-Party Parliamentary Group For Integrated Healthcare (PGIH) report, which we have also talked about on the FHT blog.

The roundup also looks at what could be next for CAM after Brexit, some research initiatives from Bristol University and an overview of research supporting the use of reiki.

Dr Leon Chaitow 2.jpgRichard ends the roundup by paying tribute to Dr Leon Chaitow and Dr Peter Fisher, who both sadly died last year. Dr Chaitow and Dr Fisher were highly influential figures, championing the use of CAM for many years, and will be missed. Dr Chaitow was an author and academic at the University of Westminster, who published more than 80 books on therapy, and was editor-in-chief of the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. Dr Fisher was director of research at University College London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and physician to the Queen, and was committed to holistic and compassionate care.

Read an interview with Dr Leon Chaitow in our online Reading Room


Read the full February Complementary Therapy roundup here

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