Dr Chatterjee looks at foot health in new podcast

Dr Chatterjee1.jpgIn this latest instalment of his Feel Better, Live More podcast series, GP, Author and TV presenter, Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks to Nick and Mike from The Foot Collective, a group of Canadian physical therapists on a mission to help people reclaim strong, functional and pain-free feet through foot health education.

Dr Chatterjee says that Nick and Mike ‘believe that there are many ailments that many of us just write off as something that we just have, or that we’ve inherited, yet in actual fact, there may be something we can do to improve these conditions. The truth is, that while we might have a genetic susceptibility, our environment and our lifestyles also determine what happens to our bodies.’


Rangan talks about how he looked at his feet to address a problem and asks whether genetics play a part in foot problems? Other highlights include a discussion on the difference between movement and exercise, addressing sedentary behaviour in children, improving hip function easily at home and tips and exercises to have healthy mobility in the future.

Listen to the podcast

Read an interview with Dr Chatterjee in the Winter 2018 issue of International Therapist

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