New Dr Chatterjee Podcast addresses plastic pollution crisis

Dr Chatterjee1.jpgGP, Author and TV presenter, Dr Rangan Chatterjee turns his attention to plastic pollution in his latest Feel Better, Live More podcast.

Dr Chatterjee talks to campaigner and Head of Oceans at Greenpeace, Will McCallum, about the effect of single-use plastic on the environment and what we can do to stop it.

In addition, they discuss how human health and environmental health are inseparable, and how the current state of the environment is a reflection of our always on the go, highly stressed lifestyles.

Will also shares tips on ways we can all help reduce our contribution to the plastic pollution crisis, including buying reusable coffee cups, water bottles and bags, as well as saying no to straws.

Plastic pollution pixabay

Dr Chatterjee says, ‘Shockingly, even if you throw your coffee cup in the recycling bin, the chances are, it still won’t be recycled and may end up in the ocean. The same is true of the 35 million plastic bottles we use in the UK every day. Although the statistics may sound gloomy, small policy change can make a big difference. Since the introduction of a 5p charge, plastic bag use has been reduced by 85%. Now more than ever before, we have access to the people in power via social media and are able to ask for real change and we will be heard.’

Listen to the podcast here

Read an interview with Dr Chatterjee in the Winter 2018 issue of International Therapist

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