Herbalist garden wins silver at Hampton Court Flower show

A garden that promotes the role of plants and herbs in health has won a silver medal at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Checkov's garden_low res

Anton Chekhov’s Garden, designed by Anna Benn and Hannah Gardner, is based on the country estate near Moscow, where Chekhov, one of Russia’s most notable writers, wrote his famous play The Seagull.

Chekhov, who lived from 1860-1904, was also a doctor and herbalism is said to play a very strong part in Russian medicine and culture. This is illustrated in the garden’s use of many medicinal plants, such as Calendula officinalis, Menthe piperata and Inula helenium.

The garden is sponsored by the Anton Chekhov Foundation, promoting his legacy, and made in association with the College of Medicine, who supported the garden due to its link with arts in health and the benefits of plants and herbs, the topics of two recent conferences held by the College.

Read more about Anton Chekhov’s Garden

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