Excellence in education

Education awards

Have you helped a student therapist reach their full potential?

Perhaps, you taught a student lacking in confidence, who didn’t feel very capable in a classroom, but was transformed into a high achiever when they discovered their passion for therapies?

Are you a student therapist who has overcome seemingly impossible odds to excel in education?

Has an inspirational colleague really raised the bar in therapy education?

Do you work as part of a team that has transformed the way that students are taught therapies, leading to unprecedented results?

Maybe you study with a student leader, who has not only succeeded on a personal level, but has helped you and your fellow classmates raise the standard of your work?

Have you been inspired by a training provider who went beyond what was required of them to ensure your educational success?

If any of the above sounds familiar, or if you have an equivalent therapy success story, we’d love to hear from you. We will be celebrating the wonderful work and achievements of our members, student members and training providers at the 2018 FHT Excellence Awards.

Hear from previous winners

In 2013 Amanda Brooks, MFHT, was named FHT Tutor of the Year for bringing dedication and passion into her teaching. One of her students said, ‘Amanda has all the expected qualities of a tutor deserving of a nomination; she is kind, dedicated, available, supportive and an excellent communicator. But what sets Amanda apart from other outstanding tutors is she strives to adapt her teaching style for each individual student to make sure everyone in the class gets the best possible outcome for the time they invest in their studies.’

Last year’s FHT Student of the Year, Stacey Radcliffe, performed exceptionally well in her studies, while dealing with the loss of loved ones and breast cancer. Anyone would be forgiven for stepping back from their studies but Stacey worked diligently towards her goal, not letting serious ill-health or tragedy prevent her from achieving what she set out to do.

Stacey commented on her award win, saying, ‘I feel so honoured, proud and humbled to accept this award. I am truly overwhelmed and so grateful for the support, kindness and empathy that I have been shown, by my family, friends, tutors, peers and the FHT. This award is the perfect end to completing my degree and I am so excited to see where this takes me in my next chapter as a fully qualified complementary therapist’.

Award categories

You can self-nominate, or put forward an inspirational colleague or team, for one of the following categories (click for entry criteria):

Closing date 30 June, 2018

Click here to enter

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