Online survey on loneliness open to British public


The BBC and The University of Manchester are asking the British public to take part in a loneliness survey, so scientists can learn more about the experiences and attitudes towards social connections and belonging.

The study is expected to be the largest-ever survey on the subjective experiences of loneliness, and comes at a time when questions are being asked about links between loneliness and mental health, as well as the effect of increasing use of the internet.

Scientists at the University of Manchester hope that the findings will ‘increase understanding of people’s perceptions of loneliness and the way it is linked to health, internet use, and emotion processing across different ages and among different groups in society.’

The study will close on Thursday 12 April and the results will be announced and analysed on All in the Mind on BBC Radio 4 in September.

People can take part by visiting the, and share their experiences using the hashtag #LonelinessExperiment.



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