Golf and group workouts are good for wellbeing

gruppe trainiert im fitnessstudio

Golf and group workouts are the two activities with the largest social impact on health and wellbeing, according to a recent report from ukactive.

The physical activity – a social solution report looks at the value of community sports and leisure facilities, based on its impact on health, wellbeing, education and crime. The overall value of this to society is estimated to be £3.3bn.

The findings are based on information collected from a two-year study of £1.8m people across 651 leisure facilities in the UK, measuring social return on investment in sport in England.

Based on the value of each sport, per person, golf and group workouts ranked top for health and wellbeing, at more than £400 per person. However, football was the most valuable sporting activity for improving educational attainment (£45 per person) and reducing crime (£0.92 per person).

Access the full report here

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