New film reveals scientists and the public have been misled over homeopathy

A new documentary premiered on April 6 presenting evidence that the world-renowned government research institute NHMRC misled the public in a 2015 report on the effectiveness of homeopathy which made headlines around the world1-3.


Based on extensive research, the new film – “Just One Drop” – premiered at the Curzon Soho, London and features the first details of a complaint to the Australian Ombudsman providing evidence that the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) misled both the public and the scientific community in their report.


The Homeopathy Research Institute has worked with the Australian Homeopathic Association to conduct a thorough investigation into the NHMRC failings and will release its analysis shortly.


The analysis will focus on the report’s numerous inaccuracies, mishandling of evidence, and conflicts of interest.


Rachel Roberts, Chief Executive, Homeopathy Research Institute, “NHMRC’s review is just bad science. Decision-makers and the scientific community rely on these kinds of reports and need to trust their accuracy. This is not about anyone’s personal opinion as to whether homeopathy works or not. It is about the importance of evidence being reported objectively, whatever it says, and the NHMRC did not do that.”


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  3. Ernst E. (2015) There is no scientific case for homeopathy: the debate is over. The Guardian.

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