Parents may need more support to safely sleep their babies

A recent survey by the charity the Lullaby Trust has revealed that more than half of parents are unsure of how to lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


This suggests that parents may need more support in learning the fundamental steps to avoid putting their babies at risk. The charity outlines concern over the findings that suggest that 55% of respondents were unsure whether they could sleep a baby on its side, while 38% didn’t know whether it was safe for a baby to sleep on its front. However, a baby should always sleep on its back.

Babies who sleep on their back are said to be six times less likely to die from SIDS than those who sleep on their side or front. A spokesperson for the charity said it is worrying that many parents still do not have this information to reduce the risk.

The Lullaby Trust is this week running Safer Sleep Week to raise awareness of this advice and help parents who may need more guidance and support with reducing the risk of SIDS. The charity are currently promoting the ABCs of safer sleep across social media, in shopping centres, train stations and in GP surgeries across England.

The ABCs of safer sleep are Always sleep your baby on their Back in a Clear cot or sleep space (free of bumpers, toys and pillows).

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