New resource launched to tackle loneliness in the UK

The Campaign to End Loneliness has recently launched a practical guide to identifying and talking about loneliness, as more than a million people over the age of 65 are believed to suffer from chronic loneliness.

49489275 - an elderly woman sits alone near the window.

Separated into three two core sections, the guide highlights key ways to successfully identify loneliness, including using a range of different data sources, working with local communities and developing partnerships with a range of groups, agencies and individuals.

The guide also provides information to better understand and engage with older people experiencing loneliness or at risk of experiencing loneliness, suggesting it is highly important to:

  • ‘understand what loneliness is and why it occurs’;
  • to ‘facilitate a conversation about loneliness, using skills and qualities of empathy, openness, warmth and respect, and help people to understand their own circumstances and plan their own solutions’; and
  • to ‘provide support which is appropriate for the individual and encourage them to engage with external groups, resources and technology.’

The practical guide follows a report, published by the Campaign to End Loneliness in June 2016, which provided an overview of the existing methods being used to identify and engage with people experiencing loneliness.

Read the full practical guide here



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