European women living longer and healthier lives

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently published a report on women’s health and well-being in Europe.

Nonna e nipote che sorrridono

The report reveals that women in Europe are living longer and healthier lives, with significant progress made in ‘gender equality and other social, economic and environmental determinants of women’s health and well-being.’

However, Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe, warns:

‘As with all generalities, it masks highs and lows. Some women are ahead of the game, while others are falling behind. Large health inequalities among women remain within and between countries in Europe.’

‘Certain groups of women within countries continuing to be more more exposed and vulnerable to ill health have lower well-being scores.’

Contributing factors to low well-being include gender inequalities, stereotyping and discrimination. High levels of depression and anxiety among adolescent girls in Europe and gender-based violence are major concerns across all countries.

With the concept of well-being becoming more and more important to society in general, the report looks at trends and risk factors and sets a framework for moving forward.

Read the full report


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