Golfers are more likely to have unusually shaped hip-joints

A number of elite golfers have been found to have unusual hips, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Golf 123rf

The study from the University of Warwick examined the hips of 55 elite players, using MRI scans and aimed to ‘assess the morphology and pathology of golfers’ hips comparing lead and trail hips.’

The researchers found that many of the elite players had egg-shaped right hips, with the usual ball-shape on their left side.

It is not yet known if playing golf causes the unusual hip shape or whether people are more likely to reach a professional level with these hip shapes.

Playing golf may be a factor because of the huge force a player puts into the hips in the golf swing.

Read the full study

  • Click here to read an article about golf injury treatment, rehabilitation and prevention, featured in Issue 116 Spring 2016 of International Therapist.

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