Yoga could be good for body image

Yoga can be a ‘vehicle for improving self-image’, according to an article published in The Guardian.

34145658 - obese women yoga on grass

The article mainly focuses on Jessamyn Stanley, a yoga teacher, who has become an ‘accidental poster girl’ for the body positivity movement that ‘encourages people to accept themselves as they are and to believe they’re capable of achieving their goals (fitness related or otherwise) without needing to change anything about themselves first.’

Stanley inspired many people after posting pictures of herself doing yoga on Instagram, showing that people of all shapes and sizes could do yoga and be confident about it.

Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, an academic at the University of Minnesota, suggests that ‘individuals practicing yoga are more aware of their bodies and less likely to objectify them.’

In her research on people with eating disorders she also found that many people ‘felt less body shame and were more comfortable with their bodies as a result of doing yoga.’

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