FHT announces new President and Governing Council

Paul BattersbyWe are pleased to announce that Paul Battersby is the new President of FHT, the UK and Ireland’s largest and leading professional association for complementary, holistic beauty and sports therapists.

Paul was elected as President by his peers on the FHT Governing Council at the FHT’s 2016 annual general meeting, held on 14 July, 2016. He succeeds Jennifer Wayte, SFFHT, who stepped down from the role after seven steadfast years.

Paul will be supported by incumbent Vice Presidents Gerri Moore, Herman Fenton, Mary Dalgleish and Shailini Karia, and newly elected Vice Presidents Christopher Byrne, Jonathan Hobbs and Maria Mason. In addition, Helen Chambers will continue to represent the interests of the public as a Lay Member, along with Peter Wren, who is newly appointed.

2016 Governing CouncilPaul says, ‘I feel honoured to be elected as the fifth President of FHT and look forward to representing our members and finding new ways to promote and support their excellent work.

‘As a practising therapist and university lecturer, I am well aware of the support and comfort our members bring to their clients, on a day-to-day basis. I am also very aware of the challenges we continue to face as professional therapists – from poorly or non-qualified practitioners impacting our good reputation, to the need for further recognition from medical and other professionals.

‘With an experienced Governing Council and staff at my side, we will work as a team to continue promoting the importance of high standards in therapy training and practice, and to gain more recognition for the valuable work our members do in supporting the health of the nation.

Jennifer WayteFinally, on behalf of all at the FHT, I would like to say thank you to my predecessor, Jennifer Wayte. Having diligently steered the association for seven years, she is the second longest-standing President in the FHT’s history –  the first, of course, being Wallace Sharps who founded the organisation back in 1962. During her time on the Governing Council – as both a President and Vice President – she worked tirelessly to protect the interests of our members and maintain the FHT’s position as the largest and most respected professional association for therapists.

‘Our sincere thanks also go to Bharti Vyas and Cheryl Cole for their support and unstinting commitment over the years, as they step down from the FHT Governing Council. They served as Vice Presidents on the Council for 14 years and eight years respectively, representing in particular the interests of our health and beauty employers and beauty therapist members.’

For more information about each member of the FHT Governing Council, please visit www.fht.org.uk/about-us

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