Massage for dementia directory launched

Massage for dementia directory launched

FHT member and accredited training provider, Nicolle Mitchell, has set up a directory for therapists who have attended and successfully completed her ‘How to Massage People who have Dementia’ course.

Nicolle chose to set up the directory so that people across the UK and internationally could easily find a therapist who specialises in treating people who live with dementia and feel safe in the knowledge that they have completed appropriate accredited training.

Nicolle, who runs LMC Training, told the FHT: ‘I hope this means that their services are more easily accessible, that it gives therapists another professional platform where their work can be recognised.’

The directory went live at the end of 2015 and is already filling up with therapists in locations across the UK. Most are based in the south of England, however, Nicolle hopes to deliver more training in the north and is happy to deliver the course wherever there is demand.

To see the directory, visit:

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