Cost-saving ways to heart-healthy meals

Cooking healthy family meals from scratch is often thought of as an expensive option, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Fruit and veg

Heart Research UK help to dispel this myth by arming us with some handy hints to make mealtimes healthy, fast and cheap, while reducing food waste too.

Wonderful ways with fruits and vegetables

  • Plan ahead and make a shopping list to be sure that you’ll use everything in your basket
  • Buy what’s in season to save money and food miles
  • Shop at your local market or greengrocers for the best prices
  • When shopping for salad, choose whole lettuces rather than pre-prepared bags of leaves which don’t last as long
  • Buying in bulk can often be cheaper, so plan ahead and make batch meals for the freezer or blend your own vegetable soups
  • Throw away less by using up what you’d normally consider waste – broccoli stalks are great for soup and cauliflower leaves are a good addition to curries or stir-fries
  • Brush up on your knife skills to get the most out of fruits and vegetables and reduce what goes in the bin. If you’re not using a whole pepper, keep the stalk in-tact to retain freshness
  • Display fruit in a bowl in plain sight to remind you to grab a healthy snack. Hide unhealthy treats away, or better still leave them on the supermarket shelf
  • Frozen vegetables can be convenient if you’re short of time so keep the freezer stocked
  • Use up leftover vegetables in a mash, soup or hash and re-vamp the flavours with herbs and spices

Sharing family mealtimes is a great opportunity to boost your family’s 5-a-day ensuring everyone gets the fibre, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy heart.




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