FHT accredited training provider launches meditative CD

FHT accredited training provider, Key Workshops, has launched ‘The key to your own melody’ – a meditative CD for just £10 or FREE when you sign up to the FHT accredited 5-Key Workshops Programme.

FHT accredited training provider launches meditative CD

Complementing the 5 Key Workshops Programme and used throughout the 5 workshops, this inspirational CD features meditations, reflections and songs. The meditations have been written by Wendy Radford and Sue Fishbourne: the lyrics and music have been specially written for Key Workshops to give a musical interpretation of the journey of self-discovery encouraged by these workshops.

Although part of the Programme, this CD is a stand-alone meditative tool which can be used at any time. There are 10 tracks in total, including three meditative songs entitled ‘Embracing the new’, ‘I feel the melody’ and ‘Live the dance’.

The meditative spoken tracks cover various aspects of self-awareness including ‘No grievances’ (letting go of the baggage) and ‘The gift of you’ (finding your magnificence).

Recorded at Graham Noon’s recording studios in Cowfold, Eversfield Studios
Lyrics by Philippa Radford, vocals by Philippa and Emma Radford

For more information and to purchase, visit www.keyworkshops.co.uk

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