Mandarin Oriental spa celebrates Chinese New Year

Mandarin Oriental spa is ringing in Chinese New Year on 7 February, with the Fire Monkey Spa Experience. Year of the Fire Monkey is said to be “one of change, requiring strength and agility in order to succeed”.

Mandarin Oriental spa celebrates Chinese New Year

“It begins with a relaxing foot ritual with rose oil, followed by a full body exfoliation incorporating chrysanthemum flowers which are good for relieving stress. Following a warm shower with the addition of ‘pomelo water’ – traditionally used to wash away negative feelings, guests can experience the power and deep relaxation that comes with a short, guided singing bowl session. The bowl is gently placed on the abdomen, and the ‘singing’ sound provides stimulation for the body’s energy channels. The soothing hands-on body massage that follows combines the powerful effects of oriental meridian massage with a blend of ylang ylang, rose and calming chamomile oils to encourage joy and emotional release.

Finally, guests are offered a sweet plum tea, and on leaving the spa will receive a traditional Chinese lai see lucky red packet which includes a further spa treat for 2016.”

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The FHT’s International Therapist team visited the Mandarin Oriental, which employs FHT members, to find out what makes the award-winning spa such a success and why they choose to employ FHT members in their dedicated team of highly-skilled holistic beauty and complementary therapists, “Hiring FHT members provides Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park reassurance that the therapists are professionally qualified to a high standard and properly insured to be able to work safely and confidently.”

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