FHT accredited training provider rolls out treatment to Champneys

FHT accredited training provider Shared Beauty Secrets, the proud founders of the celebrity’s favourite Lava Shells Massage, is pleased to announce the roll out of its Lava Shells treatments in Champneys Spa Resorts nationwide. This follows a successful autumn launch of Lava Shells at Champneys Forest Mere.

FHT accredited training provider rolls out treatment to Champneys

From 1 February 2016, the Lava Shells Relax Full Body Massage and Lava Shells Relax Back Massage will be available at Champneys Tring, Champneys Forest Mere, Champneys Henlow and Champneys Springs.

Announcing the roll out of Lava Shells, Champneys’ Group Spa Development Manager, Nicola Sapsed says, “Champneys are pleased to announce we are offering “Lava Shells” treatment for 2016. Available at all Champneys resorts, this warming treatment enables our therapists to work deep in to the muscle without placing undue pressure upon them. Champneys College is also offering Lava shell training to all of our CIDESCO students who, once qualified, will be able to go out to industry already having been trained in the process.”

Clare Anderson, founder of Shared Beauty Secrets and the Lava Shells Massage says, “As a previous employee of Champneys I am naturally over the moon that our Lava Shells treatments will be rolling out throughout the resorts. Not only do we have a strong celebrity fan base in common but this enables us to jointly meet the growing demand from consumers for warm massage.”

To book a treatment, visit www.champneys.com

For more information about Lava Shells, visit www.sharedbeautysecrets.com

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