Show offer! 50% off PANDHY’S™ Sugaring Practitioner course

Coming along to the FHT Training Congress? Be sure to bring your purse/wallet to make the most of any ‘show offers’ available on the day, including 50% off PANDHY’S™ Sugaring Practitioner course!

Show offer! 50% off PANDHY’S™ training course

There is a growing trend amongst customers to pursue 100% natural, skin friendly, but still highly effective hair removal.

PANDHY´S™ Sugar Depilation is the perfect solution:

  • Very skin friendly and prepares it perfectly for follow-up treatments.
  • PANDHY’S™ sugar consists of only glucose and water, so you can be sure there will be no allergic reactions.
  • Short or in-growing hairs can be easily removed.
  • Avoids skin damage as it does not stick to the skin cells.
  • The material is very stable, so by using the correct technique the same sugar can be used all over the body.

SHOW OFFER! Sign up during the FHT Training Congress on the 6th September to become a PANDHY’S™ Sugaring Practitioner, saving you 50%. A 2.5 day training course is just £144 incl. VAT (regular price £288).

After successfully completing the training you will be confident to ‘sugar’ using hand, strip and spatula techniques and will be presented with an internationally recognised PANDHY’S™ Practitioners Certificate. Please note that you will be required to purchase a product Starter Kit.

Find out more about the FHT Training Congress and book your tickets at

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