From bedbound to winner of the APCTC Courage to Change Award 2015

Elaine WilkinsFHT accredited course provider Elaine Wilkins was recently awarded the APCTC Courage to Change Award 2015 for her ground-breaking work in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia recovery.*

The APTC is an umbrella body consisting of professional coaches, trainers and consultants, across a wide range of disciplines.

Elaine told the FHT:

‘When they called my name to receive the award I was shocked and excited but had to do the thing most of us dread more than anything – make a speech. You can’t chicken out when you have just won an award for courage. So with only 10 seconds to prepare, I thought it best just to tell my story.’

It took Elaine six years to fully recover from CFS. Despite suffering from a multitude of debilitating symptoms, GPs, professors and consultants had no answers. The worst part for Elaine was having no explanation of what had happened to her or what to do about it.

Elaine lost her income, social life and the ability to function as a wife and mother. She later discovered that she was one of 17 million people worldwide who suffer with a chronic exhaustive condition.

Elaine’s recovery was a hit-and-miss affair of trial and error. She tried every therapy she could think of – some helped but others triggered a set-back.

In 2010 the Chrysalis Effect Supported Recovery Programme was born. Full of inspirational recovery stories, expert practitioners educate, mentor and coach clients online in eight key areas essential for recovery. Two years later, Elaine launched a not-for-profit CFS and fibromyalgia recovery membership association, called the ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia Recovery Association.

After presenting to the NHS and applying to become a provider of CFS and Fibromyalgia services, Elaine has been invited to try for evaluation and adoption of the Chrysalis Effect – so watch this space.

The FHT was the first port of call for Elaine when it was time to formally accredit and launch the Chrysalis Effect Practitioner Programme.

Elaine continues:

‘A huge thanks to Annie Walling, who helped me and my daughter Kelly Barnes. She is the whizz behind the scenes, helping us to navigate the course accreditation process, so that we have recognised training. It’s fantastic to be part of a community of hundreds of practitioners who take a united approach to recovery.’

For more information about Elaine and the Chrysalis Effect

For more information about FHT accreditation

For more information about APCTC

*also referred to as ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)

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