Develop your sensitivity, develop yourself

Working with energy to enhance your treatments by Jan Trewartha

Develop your sensitivity, develop yourself

Awareness of your own body is just as important as tuning into the client. For me, as a practitioner, a vital element of being a therapist is the development of my own awareness and sensitivity in order to have a better quality of life, to operate at my best and to help others.

Why do I need to develop myself?

  • No matter how good a therapist you are, by expanding your awareness and sensitivity, you will start to work at a different level.
  • Your therapy work affects the subtle energies of the body – how would it be if you could really feel what was happening?
  • Add an extra dimension to your work; becoming more sensitive makes tuning into your client a whole new experience.
  • Many of us come to therapy from our own difficult journey. In order to work with others, it is desirable to heal ourselves.
  • Self-awareness helps us ‘hear’ the mind chatter that creates positivity and start eliminating destructive patterns.

Jan TrewarthaJan Trewartha has been in healthcare since 1979. Originally a registered nurse, she has worked in complementary therapy since 1992, developing her present work specialising in physical and emotional trauma release through Body Realignment, Energy Field Therapy, and scar/adhesion healing. Jan has been teaching massage, bodywork and self-development since 1993. She has a clinic in Windsor and runs Body in Harmony training. Jan is also the Fascia and Energy Consultant for the APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists) and the Director of the British Fascia Symposium.

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