Health and beauty with crystals

Crystal techniques for your beauty regime by Jacqueline Winters

Health and beauty with crystals

Crystals emit a natural form of light that can be used within both the health and the beauty industry. When you see beauty within yourself and within the world, you are at ease with life and in harmony with your inner being.

Light therapy has been acknowledged and used to enhance physical appearances within the world of beauty for many years, the light being driven by electricity – a crystal’s piezoelectric charge is thought to interact with the magnetic/electrical field around the body.

Crystals offer a natural organic form of light therapy that affords similar physical results to the conventional therapy but penetrates much deeper, to improve attitude and uplift the spirits too, thereby taking beauty to a holistic level of approach.

I have devised a web made of crystals that has been hand-threaded to activate the pressure points. The crystals utilise the natural light from the sun by absorbing the energy and then emitting a gentle pulse-like vibration that is more in keeping with the natural rhythm or frequency of the body. This principle of using natural light can be likened to that of solar panels that provide natural energy for households. Here we have a beauty treatment that also has health benefits – a wonderful way of marrying the world of beauty with the well-being sector.

Simple crystal techniques for your beauty regime:

  • Use a polished rose quartz crystal to apply your face cream for improved skin texture and tone
  • Place sodalite on your eyes to soothe tiredness just before you go to bed
  • Drink water infused with amethyst for its cleansing properties.

Jacqueline WintersJacqueline Winters has 30 years’ experience as a tutor, healer, lecturer and researcher into the many benefits that can be achieved by using crystals. She founded The British Academy of Crystal Healing in 2004. Jacqueline is the author of Messages from Mother Earth and has written many articles for spiritual magazines and daily blogs. Radio stations both in the UK and USA regularly invite her as a guest speaker to deliver knowledge and advice as to the application and efficacy of using crystals in the holistic world.

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