In pursuit of happiness

In pursuit of happiness

In the Spring issue of International Therapist, Action for Happiness’ Vanessa King looks at the growing social movement that aims to create a more caring society and improve people’s overall well-being.

When Action for Happiness (AFH) launched in London in April 2011, it attracted a lot of publicity, including a feature on BBC Breakfast TV, and has been growing ever since. It sounds light-hearted, but Action for Happiness has a serious mission – to increase overall well-being in society, with its work underpinned by scientific research on what makes us happier.

Society’s focus on material wealth and celebrity culture hasn’t resulted in more happiness. In fact psychological ill-health is increasing. Action for Happiness aims to encourage and enable practical, evidence-based action – by individuals, communities, schools and workplaces – and to influence at the policy level too. It’s about proactively increasing our well-being and resilience.

We are a social species, so individual happiness is interconnected with that of the people around us. As a movement AFH encourages doing things with and for other people, as well as for ourselves.

See page 36 of International Therapist (Issue 112 Spring 2015) for the full article.

Don’t have a copy? Visit to find out more about the FHT’s membership journal.

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