A Balinese adventure

A balinese adventure

Maria Mason, MFHT, talks about her recent trip to Bali to deepen her knowledge about its people and their treatments

“I attended a course in Balinese massage run by a great lady called Penny Ellis, who owns and runs the Bali Bisa, a training school in Sanur, which offers CIBTAC courses that are recognised by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture. All the ladies working at the school are Balinese, with a complete understanding of the traditional treatments they are teaching, with most of them having lived on the island their entire life.

Each day, school starts with a yoga meditation class, to get you in the right frame of mind for learning.The ladies then teach on a one-to-one basis, which couldn’t be better – they are patient and able to answer any question you may have, as they are eager for you to understand exactly why and how the treatment works.”

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Image: FHT / Maria Mason

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