Winning an FHT Excellence Award is an incredible achievement and a unique opportunity for your business

Stand out from the crowd

By winning an award, you will have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with your award-winning status. Winners will receive a mark of achievement (pictured) to use on their marketing materials, plus a trophy and certificate to display in their therapy practice.

This accolade lets new clients, existing clients and potential employers know that you have been rewarded by your peers for your contribution to your profession.

Winning an FHT Excellence in Practice Award is an incredible achievement and a unique opportunity for your business

Free marketing

Winners are invited to attend a special awards ceremony at an FHT evening dinner event on Saturday 5th September 2015. There will be an opportunity to network with guests and the FHT Governing Council. Professional photographs of you receiving your award will be made available shortly after the event, for your own promotional purposes.

You would also be featured in International Therapist – distributed to more than 16000 industry contacts – and reach national publications through our press release network.

Cash prizes

A £250 cash prize is awarded to each winner, which could help you to expand and promote your business.


There are ten awards, with one winner from each category:

  • Excellence in Research
  • Excellence in Client Service
  • Excellence in Innovation
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Excellence in Beauty Care
  • FHT Local Support Group Coordinator of the Year
  • FHT Advocate of the Year
  • Tutor of the Year
  • Student of the Year
  • Accredited Training Provider of the Year

To enter or nominate

If you would like to see your work or another member’s work recognised, find out how to enter the FHT Excellence Awards 2015 at

Closing date 30 April 2015

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