Aerobic and resistance training best to fight teenage obesity

Aerobic and resistance training best to fight teenage obesity

A combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training may be the most effective way to reduce obesity in teenagers.

A study divided 304 teenagers (aged 14 to 18) into four groups: aerobic-only exercise regime; resistance only; aerobic and resistance combined; and diet advice in a four-week counselling scheme (with no exercise). Exercise regimes were supervised by personal trainers four times a week for 22 weeks.

Among the participants who completed at least 70 per cent of the exercise sessions, the waist circumference of those in the combined group decreased by almost seven centimetres, compared to four centimetres in the aerobic-only and resistance-only groups. No change was seen in the diet-only group.

Source: Human Kinetics (; Sigal RJ (2014). Effects of aerobic training, resistance training, or both on percentage body fat and cardiometabolic risk markers in obese adolescents: the healthy eating aerobic and resistance training in youth randomized clinical trial, JAMA: 1,392. [Epub ahead of print].

Image: Dollar Photo Club

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