The West London Collaborative


Jane McGrath, MFHT, writes about The West London Collaborative – an initiative inspired by her own experience of secondary care mental health services – in Issue 5 of The Edge, from NHS IQ.

Since 2008 I have been working with West London Mental Health NHS Trust to improve patient experience. I have been a paid service user consultant delivering authentic co-production practice since 2013. The projects include ‘eliminating the need for control, restraint and seclusion’, ‘shared decision making around medication’ and developing an ‘independent user voice’. Our work on restraint has been featured on Radio 4 and we are hosting a sold out co-produced conference on shared decision making with international speakers this week.

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Jane talks about her past and how this inspired her to support others recovering from mental health problems in ‘From Bedlam to Kerala’ (Issue 102, International Therapist). Read the article here

Image: The Edge

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